New World Artificing

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This post is intended to clarify and add detail to the previous proposal.

I am proposing the creation of a field of Artficing with the following base mechanics. Creating the objects would be mundane under crafting, though special materials could be utilized or required depending on the power. Imbuing an item would be considered a miracle with the following system.

1. The creation of Artifacts, Relics and Magical items is done by crafting an item, than petitioning a divine or powerful entity to imbue the artifact with power. After the item is crafted, the player defines the powers of the artifact and the terms under which is will be used. 2. This is not something divine entities have to actively do. 3. Because the power is granted by a divine entity, that entity can not be harmed by the power of its artifacts and can take them away or temporarily nullify them at will if it feels the power is being used in a way other that what it allows. 4. DP is invested in the creation of magical items, and is not returned if the granting divine being removes the powers. This is the risk of magical items, and should only really happen if the power is abused. 5. Divine beings can craft magical artifacts using only primal. These can be gifted to mortals and are considered directly tied to the divine being. Divine beings must spend DP on artifacts only if they will be using them. There is no DP cost if the artifact is given to another.