New Noctae

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Nation of New Noctae


Ruler: Selene
Religion: Rymian

All cepn tribes are ruled by a council system based on circles. Each race has their own council which follows the same basics rules. From a young age one learns and gains station, he moves inwards towards the middle, As one moves towards the middle rings of the circle, competition becomes more intense. The outer, fourth circle (Novices of the Fourth Circle) contains those all of whom show particular promise in their crafts. The third circle (Journeymen of the Third Circle) is made up of experienced craftsmen, many of which are responsible for leading sorties of fourth level novices. Members of the second circle (Adepts of the Second Circle) include high level teachers who train lower ranks and advise the journeymen in particular. The highest rank, those who report directly to Selene, are the five Masters of the First Circle. It is these cepn who decide the cultural agenda, so long as it suits their goddess.


Cepn Holy Laws

These are the laws that the goddess Selene has personally handed down to all her children. Those that break these laws are considered outcasts and exiled from New Noctae, regardless what circle they are in.

  • Thou shalt not kill each other! - Selene's so far first and only Holy Law, not wanting to see a repeat of the Rymian Cepn mistakes, leading to the genocide of the Rymian kizril. She hopes that with this law effecting everyone; that she won't have to see another corrupt 'Master of the First Circle'

Central Locations

Colian Jungle

Noctae Mountains

Nizril Roost









The Unheard Tongue

Basic Economy