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  • Status: Private, Political
  • Resources: 10
  • Skills: Herbalist, Occultism
  • Influence: Ajani Plains
  • Juju
  • Type: Ritual, Action: (Difficulty) Full Rounds, Duration: Varies, Cost: (Difficulty) Essence
  • The n’ganga practice the art of juju, and are capable of interacting and talking with the spirit world. This Ability grants the n’ganga a number of powerful Abilities, which improve as the n’ganga gains Growth. All juju requires the n’ganga to perform a Results Roll (Spiritual + Occultism).

  • Growth 1 - Spirit Hunter
  • The Spire protects the people of the Ajani from harming and killing one another, but it does not protect the people from other realms. Entities can influence and harm the people, and so the n’ganga have prepared a ritual to create hunters who can defend the tribes from the dangerous entities. The n’ganga enters a trance and uses an ointment they have created to paint symbols and markings on a chosen individual. The n’ganga may choose to spend Resources on the Results Roll, representing the cost of preparing the ointment, and gains (Resources Spent) Additional Successes on the roll. The effect remains (Potency) Hours. The hunter gains the ability to see into other realms – specifically the Realm of Shadow, the Spirit World, and the Underworld, and immediately spots any entities who do not attempt to hide themselves. Spotting a hidden entity, including those possessing someone, requires a Mental + Awareness roll, and the hunter gains (Might) Minimum Successes on the roll. In addition, the hunter and their weapons can touch and be touched from these realms, allowing the hunter to attack and defend against the entity.

  • Growth 4 - Good Juju / Bad Juju
  • The n’ganga is capable of speaking to an individual’s ancestors, heaping praise upon the person, or shaming them before their ancestors. The n’ganga must know the name of the individual to invoke this ritual, and if the n’ganga has a personal object of the target, the person does not even have to be in sight for this ritual to work. The target is affected by this ritual for (Potency) days, and if the n’ganga spoke well to the ancestors, gains two Additional Successes on all rolls for the duration. If the n’ganga spoke poorly of the person, however, the target loses two Successes on all rolls for the duration instead. The n’ganga may spend DP equal to the target’s Might to make this ritual permanent, in which case the ritual will only end if the n’ganga is killed, or specifically decides to end the benefit or curse.

  • Growth 7 - Spirit Journey
  • The n’ganga can send a willing person into the Spirit World on a quest for power. A person can only quest in this fashion once during any given level of Growth, and are barred from questing until their Growth has increased, regardless if they succeed in the quest or not. The questor remains in the Spirit World for (Difficulty) days, which shapes itself into symbols and domains appropriate to the goal of the quest and the personality of the questor. If they survive, they will eventually reach the Far Shores, where they may speak and train with one of the powerful entities which live beyond. The questor is tested by the entity, and chooses one Attribute and one Skill. The questor makes a Results Roll (Attribute + Skill), gaining (Potency) Additional Successes. The questor needs (Attribute + Skill + Growth) Potency to succeed in this test. Doing so results in the chosen Attribute and Skill gaining a permanent + 1 bonus.

  • Spirit Walker
  • Type: Training, Action: None, Duration: Permanent, Cost: None
  • The n’ganga is trained in their duties as the tribe’s shaman and spirit speaker, and chooses (Growth) skills from the following list: Awareness, Endurance, Herbalist, Integrity, Lore, Occultism, and Survival. Each chosen skill gains (Might) bonus dice to all rolls. If used for Active Defence, the warrior’s Defensive Trait may be increased by (Might) rather than the actual skill rank.