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Tamper, on the metaphysics of Creation

The Tapestry is strung across three metaphysical points, which defines the potential that lies within Creation. These three points are stability, the need for order; entropy, the need for dissolution; and flux, the need for change. Travel far enough beyond the borders of what ‘is’, and you will eventually come to one of these three primal points that define everything that exists for us. These three points define our reality, and everything within.

At the heart of the Tapestry is Creation – where the three greater threads of the Tapestry meet. Each of these threads are connected to each other by adjoining threads, which lay out the metaphysics of the realms that parallel and touch upon Creation. For ease of understanding, I shall define these as the major threads and the minor threads.

At the closest point to Creation are the divisions of the minor threads. These threads help define the aspects of our understanding, and straddle the point of two of the greater threads much as a spider web joins two anchoring lines to provide stability. Between Creation and the minor threads are the three realms that reflect the state of mortals. These realms define who we are, and are defined by how we interact with the three greater threads.

The Minor Threads

Between stability and flux lies the realm Pathos, which is bound by the lesser thread of hope. Pathos is the realm of dreams, where our hopes and desires are given shape and substance while we sleep. Between flux and entropy lies Ethos which is bound by the lesser thread of fear. Ethos is the realm of trials, where our guilt and doubt are given shape so that we may face them. This is often known as the realm of nightmares. Between stability and entropy lies the realm Logos, which is bound by the lesser thread of reason. Here, we ascend beyond the hopes and doubts that burden us, and gain wisdom. This realm is often called the astral realm, and touches upon the logical mind within us all.

The Major Threads

Between the minor and major threads are the greater realms, which reflect Creation, rather than the individuals within it. Between stability and flux lies the Antumbra, the realm of Spirits. In this realm the sun is a thin ring around the moon, bathing the realm in twilight. It is in this realm that the soul of Creation is found. Between flux and entropy lies the Penumbra, where the sun and moon lie across one another in partial eclipse, creating what is commonly known as the realm of Shadow, the land of possibilities. Between stability and entropy lies the Umbra, where the sun is completely hidden by the moon, bathing the realm in darkness. This realm is known as the Underworld, the land of endings.

The Focal Points

At the end of each greater thread is the focal point, the manifestation of the concept behind each greater thread, as we understand them. These three focal points are the divine realms, the infernal realms, and the faerie realms. The divine realms are the focal point of stability, the infernal realms are the focal point of entropy, and the faerie realms are the focal point of flux. These three points surround the anchor of the Tapestry, helping to give it definition within reality.

The Powers

While the greater realms are a reflection of Creation, they are also a reflection of the three points which anchor the Tapestry. The Divine Realms hold the Deos, the Faerie Realms hold the Aesir, and the Infernal Realms hold the Diabolos as the powers which control the realms. The greater realms reflect these three powers imperfectly, creation a reflection between the primal realms and Creation.

As one travels through the greater realms, outward towards the primal realms, they eventually pass the terminus, which represents the shift from being closer to Creation, and closer to the primal realms. Beyond the terminus are the deeper parts of the greater realms, controlled by powerful entities that define and shape the realm about them.

Within the Antumbra are the titans, what the people of Anansie call the djinn, who rule from deep within the spirit realms. Within the Penumbra are the tenebrae, the sleeping powers deep within the heart of Shadow. These are called the egregoroi (‘the watchers’) by the scholars of Tarantis and R’Tal. In the Umbra are the letum, the rulers of the dead, also known as the ankou by the necromancers of R’Tal and Cordona.