Loosen Tongue

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Race: Archon, Enticer, Griffin, Lutrai, Sphinx
Action: Full Round Action
Duration: Scene (Activation), Constant (Effect)
Essence: 2
Increases: 1, 4, 7

The character interacts with someone, talking with them or listening to them over the course of a Round. Activating this Power, the character can attempt to gain information from the target for as long as the victim is willing to speak with the character during the course of the Scene – the victim feels the character is someone they can open up to and talk to. During this time, the character may make a roll using Social + Subterfuge against the victim’s Resolve. For each Success, the character causes the victim to give information in relation to the topic at hand. The character using this Power chooses if the victim is giving a secret (if they have one) or gives their honest opinion or view on the subject (if they know it), or if they give the character the truth on a question posed by the character. At most, one piece of information will be given to the character per Round, willingly by the victim. Once the character has used up their Successes, the character must roll again, but need not spend the Essence if the Scene has not ended. At Growth 4, the target’s Resolve is considered two less for this Power. At Growth 7, the target’s Resolve is considered four less for this Power.

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