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Lodestar Government

  • Government type: Theocratic Democracy
    • The Laws as written in the Dreamer Manifesto and the Virtues of the Spirit Wardens must be respected and followed. All other freedoms are given to the People, including the right of self-determination and self-governance.
  • Tech level: Renaissance
  • Preferred form of magic: Path of Awakening
  • Languages: Trade, Phae
  • Races: Faerie (Animae)
  • Attribute: +1 Spiritual

Lodestar Org Chart

  • The Goddess (This is always Murrimi) - Only the High Priest(ess) and the Prime Minister have direct access to her at all. She never intervenes unless requested by one of these two. If there is a conflict between spiritual and secular matters, she resolves it.
    • The Prime Minister: In charge of all secular matters of Lodestar territories, such as trade, housing, agriculture. Elected by the people normally. Term of one year, renewable until the People select a new one. Murrimi may dismiss the Prime Minister at any time.
      • Warrior in Chief: In charge of the military establishment of Lodestar. Selected by the Prime Minister.
      • Mortal Ambassador: Ambassador to the Shire, handles all foreign relations. Selected by the Prime Minister.
        • Village Leaders: Appointed as needed. Either a person is submitted for consideration by the people or the Prime Minister selects if they are settling a new region.
    • The High Priest(ess): In charge of all religious matters, including law, enforcement and judgement. Never elected. Murrimi selects the next head, always. A person who is both a Dreamer and a Spirit Warden is preferred. This person also leads the Dreamers. Murrimi may select a new one at any time.
      • Spirit Ambassador: Ambassador to the spirits. Communicates any grievances of the spirits about the operation and policies of Lodestar territory. Must be a Spirit Warden. Does not have to be a Dreamer. Selected by the High Priestess.
      • Judicators: Multiple. Enforces law. Elected by the people of the local temple. Only the High Priestess can dismiss a Judicator.
        • Priest(ess)/Shaman(ess): Multiple. Leads temples in the city. Is not above the Judicators that they (and their temple) elect.