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An enigmatic sorcerer in ages past, predating the Age of Dragons, began a family line that would transcend generations. None can say what the purpose of this bloodline will one day achieve, or if it has already performed the function the progenitor foresaw as there are many, many famous names from history who can trace their lineage back to the original mage.


Ralyn + Seara = Shelys and Kagarian
Kagarian + ??? = Antuiloch
Antuiloch + Jazlyn* = Mika
Antuiloch + ??? (Possibly Jazlyn) = Khett

The Modern Age

Khett + Mika = Jhazza
Mika + Lairu = Amber, Dove, Kyle, Tarken, Lahani
Fireheart (Mika) + Shaden = Ashley
Dove + Arion = Wren
Jhazza + Khett = Caliban
Amber + Kyn'Elwynn = Lina, Ralyn
Kyn + Vex = Hagure
Vex + Khett = Kasatsu
Dove + Shaden = Deveron, Jerec, Reyalyn
Tarken + Rhapsody = Matteo, Harmony, Melody
Kyle + Azura = Cobalt, Ebony, Jett, Sapphire, hinted at others in a clutch
Jerec + Ebony = Opal, Jasper, Tourmaline, maybe more
Matteo + Selena = Rhapsody
Lina + Seth = Caelan
Ralyn + Shail = Suri'Nak, Kerwyn
Ralyn + Lysriel = Seara
Ralyn + Yue = Chiyomi
Ralyn + Aria = Laura, Kartha


There are many more in the genealogy of various members above (such as a branch in Naipon), above is shown only those that share a direct bloodline with the progenitor Ralyn.

  • There is a genealogy of females that lead down from Shelys to Jazlyn's birth, however the fathers are either all Ralyn/Kagarian or unknown, therefor that line is currently omitted.

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