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Lina is the daughter of Kyn'Elwynn and Amber S'yalin, and younger sister to Ralyn, though you might not guess it by the way they act. Like her parents, she has studied to be a potent mage in her own right, claiming the title "the Darkwind Mage" from her affinities with shadow and air-elemental magics.
Her first large trial was a quest to Enoch with her brother, and several kin and companions. Though not, perhaps, one of the greater players in the ordeal, she did offer a good amount of assistance with healing spells, and her knowledge of family history proved a boon. Shortly after returning to the Shire she was formally inducted into the Midnight Mages’ Guild.
Since then, however, she has been involved in very few notable matters. She tends to her studies and research, usually in the company of guildmembers or her brother.


Short for a tiger, Lina looks no more than 17 years of age. Her classic tiger stripe pelt covers a light build, giving her the soft look of a young woman who is fit, but far from a warrior. The girl's eyes, though oddly vermillion, don't have the dangerous look one might associate with the color. Her headfur is a deeper shade of red, long enough to cascade to the middle of her back.
A matching vest and skirt of dark gray appear almost as one garment, the cloth cut in relatively simple patterns. She wears a pair of soft, black boots with the cuffs folded over just above her ankles. A belt hugs her waist, supporting a few small pouches for herbs, coins, and the like. The loose, open robe she wears over everything is more elaborate, the swirls of different shades within the smooth material evoking thoughts of gray clouds, the whole thing framed by runic silver trim. A black headband helps keep her hair in check, and a golden chain in her fur holds a bloodstone pendant to her chest.


Though friendly, Lina is a bit on the timid side. She is a moderately powerful sorceress and has no qualms about using her magic, but using those abilities (or any other) to harm another is something she is most reluctant to even consider.


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