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Common traits to all Lii

  • At the beginning of Nimby, all Lii were hermaphrodites, and there is still a strong prevalence of them about. However genetics has drifted over time to normalize the Lii to a true tri-gendered race. About 50% of Lii are hermaphrodites, and the other 50% are either male or female.
  • Lii family structure is unique among not only Nimby but in the universe in general. Up to 6 mates can be formed into a family. Lii society is very family oriented and children are both the responsibility of the tribe they are part of and the family they are born of.
  • Supernatural Lii races typically live to the age of 250. The average lifetime of a mundane Lii is 100.
  • All Lii races favor the Path of Knowledge and the Path of Atter. Alynna pulled the Path of Dreams from Nimby to favor the Path of Atter, because she believed it would make her people stronger.

Supernatural Races


A race of butterfly winged vulpines, with antennae as well. Their age is indicated by the number of tails, starting with two of them and gaining one tail at puberty (around 12), at 25, and every 25 years after. They are known for the trail of sparkles that comes off their tails when they fly, a trail of mana.

  • Attribute: Spiritual
  • Favoured: Strong Soul, Taur, Additional Limbs
  • Powers: Innate/Wings


A race of flying squirrels that, until recently, lived away from the main tribe in the center of Nimby. Their wings are batlike in nature, and they do indeed look like a cross between a bat and a squirrel at range. Recently a gate was created between their lands and Sylvanon, allowing them full interaction with their bretheren. They are more trade and interaction oriented than the rest of Lii, but the difference is marginal since most Lii are. They brought the idea of a marketplace to Sylvanon, and they maintain the Sylvan Forest Gate Nexus, a place in the center of Nimby for all pantheons and races to establish gates to shortcut to anywhere.

  • Attribute: Spiritual
  • Favoured: Natural Weapons, Taur
  • Powers: True/Flight


A race of felinoids known for the rings on their tails. As they age, they get more rings on their tails, starting with 2 at birth, a third at puberty, and one at 25 and every 25 years later.

  • Attribute: Spiritual
  • Favoured: Strong Soul, Taur, Leap
  • Powers: Innate/Wings


The Melii are a race of hermaphrodite semi-morphic temporal black dragons. They possess scales and their gender is not immediately apparent from just looking at them as they lack secondary sexual characteristics that would clue people in (which is a good thing since they go around naked most of the time). The Melii are native to the Mountains and Lake area of the Lii Tribe. They are long lived estimates place them as being able to live anywhere from 1000-2500 years to potentially indefinately. Despite their powerful frames they tend to be more scholarly, taking readily to sorcery particularly those that have been developed in the Lii Tribes.

  • Attribute: None
  • Favoured: Aging, Scream, Nightmare, Additional Limbs, Natural Weapons, Quills
  • Powers: True/Dragon Breath/Temporal, True/Longevity, Innate/Wings


The Arachii are a race of sentient hermaphroditic spiders in a tauric/drider like configuration. They are covered in somewhat thick fur as their native climate is in the mountains and caves of the Lii nation. They are moderately territorial of the mountains and caves, however they acknowledge the 'mountain passes' that their creator made as safe passages and despite some agressive tendencies in their species will guide traders and wanderers back to the main road. The Arachii are also known for spinning silk which they use primarily as a building material and for climbing purposes as well as catching food. They are best known for being the first to make contact with the Giai'shar, through the interaction between Castle and Sneakyfoot

  • Attribute: None
  • Favoured: Ambush, Bleeding, Blending, Infection, Leap, Venom
  • Powers: Form/Additional Limbs, Form/Taur, True/Cling


The Delphii are an aquatic race, living mostly in the large Delfii Lake, though it is rumored that some may also live in the oceans around where Shale lives. They are a cross between a vulpine and a dolphin, with the vulpine portion dominating the torso and head, and the dolphin portion around the waist and legs.

  • Attribute: Mental
  • Favoured: Lope, Transform
  • Powers: Innate/Water Baby

Mundane Races

The following mundane species are known to exist as Lii people in the Lii lands and regions:

  • Felines
  • Owls
  • Bats
  • Wolves
  • Otters
  • Turtles
  • Rabbits
  • Mice
  • Hyenas
  • Horses
  • Badgers
  • Raccoons

To create any of these as a character, simply select no race, and choose the nation of Lii, then set your species accordingly.