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Kyn'Elwynn's birthdate is not exactly known by anyone currently (save for members of the Brotherhood of the Book who look it up) but it is assumed he was an adult just before the Time of Waning, which would place him being born around 430 AE.

Home Nation

Kyn'Elwynn has strong ties to both the Shirelands and Drachen, but has not told anyone currently of his origin.


Kyn has one living brother, S'kahae'Daen, a sea captain of notoriety of the northern coast around Tarantis and Threshold. His parents and sisters, when he can be convinced to speak of them, have all perished. In his life he has been married twice, once to the rogue-ish Sylvie and then later to Amber, daughter of the nascent goddess Mika. He has fathered two children, Lina and Ralyn, and counts as part of a rather extensive family tree. Both of his children have had children of their own. Lina has born a son to the R'talian entity, Seth, while Ralyn has many daughters to his name. He has yet to be a great-grandfather.


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He stands at a proud 6' 7" and is around 300 lbs in weight. His fur color is unlike an ordinary tiger's, being a deep charcoal grey, with ebony stripes. His body is currently clothed in unique attire, crafted from the stuff of the Shadow Realms and magical artifice. Black silken robes edged in golden runic symbols against jade-green material. The front of the robe is slightly open, baring his chest and abdomen, with greyish white underbelly fur, laced with a few stripes covering his fine muscled appearance. The rest of his lower half is concealed behind a shifting robe of pure blackness that moves even if there's no wind. His arms are also clad in thick bracers, ornamented as intricately as everything else he is currently adorned in. His face is set in stone, the striking features of three claw-like scars standing out. His sparkling, but yet still dark, emerald colored eyes gaze off into the horizon, scanning as he thinks. His dark, shoulder length head fur, scarcely covers his thick neck and spills out over his broad shoulders. A few locks of headfur, behind his ear and running down the left cheek have been fashioned into a braid, and tied at the end are two feathers, one angelic white and the other raven black, as well as some beads that look to be made of amber stone.

Current Events

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OOC Notes

Kyn is a member of the wiz staff as presiding head wiz. His chat handle is presently 'Shadow Archon'.

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