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"Within the Celestial Court is balance. This is something that our newfound neighbors still have trouble to understand; the balance is the key. Some may preach goodness without the pitfalls of the evils that may come of their actions. Others preach only hubris and selfishness. The Courts understand that the perfection is in the sum of the action, words or thoughts, and that all things work together to acheive this Harmony." --Kyldeer, High Priest

"The Shire is a wondrously confusing place. Should the very answer lie in front of the Mayor and Council, it will be ignored for the whispers of the underworld and hidden agendas. Though not to be unexpected, it lacks a certain finesse when an outsider can point it out through sheer happenstance." -Kyldeer


A mystery to most upon first sight, Kyldeer is one of the many Kitsune-blooded that have taken to living within the Shire lands and surrounding forest. Nothing has ever been completely 'right' with this kitsune, from his initial outfit involving fishnets and short skirts to the latest otherworldly fashion of a three-piece purple suit. His mainstay of uniqueness is his fur's coloring, a gift from the Celestial Courts. His blue and purple hued fur with orange, yellow and red highlights is taken from the colors of the skies above and that beyond them. He is one of the few people that has experienced death and can lament about it in life. Apparently, its rather boring. Throughout his time on Kith Kanaan, his has amassed a total of seven tails.

A high priest of the Celestial Courts, Kyldeer has had the rather maddening position of also being the Anaithan Emissary until recently. Having come from the courts themselves and trained in their ways, the more mundane and short-sighted mortal politics completely escapes him, to his own detriment of course. More often than not he can be found tending the grounds on his beloved Celestial Shrine, the never-used Anaithan Embassy. There he enjoys a somewhat simple life with his betrothed wife Koyuki, as well as his two other lovers, Kitashi and Tuoqui.


Kyldeer is a monk of the Celestial Court, a high priest in fact. This however does not make him a stereotypical monk, as he enjoys every facet of life to its fullest as a true Anaithan should. The lack of strict obedience at all times has caused some friction between Kyldeer and his Naiponese brethren, especially after Oyuki was given the task of seemingly trying to annoy people into disobedience.

He lives in the Celestial Shrine, and has several outfits of both normal and exotic design. One was a present from Satariel who designed it for Kyldeer's particular oddities. Others include formal wear for both priestly duties and courtly duties, a comfortable all season traditional kimono for most things, and his latest fasion disaster from another Realm.

Originally, it was thought that Kyldeer was in fact completely gay. It has come to light with getting along fine with his betrothed and ex-betrothed wives that perhaps that was not correct, and he simply enjoyed the company of his own sex more. Even that is starting to be questioned by those close to him, however.

While once well known for his brilliant rainbow feathered wings that were granted to him by the Celestial Courts, they have been lost in a tragic and unexplained incident, leaving behind raw and charred stumps that have never healed. Rather than allow this to be a detriment, Kyldeer uses his own power to restore his wings with the essence of shadows when needed, and has taken the loss in stride as a learning opportunity.



Much of Kyldeer's history falls by the wayside as a rather boring and lonesome tale. He was born within the land claimed by Anaitha, to a kitsune-blooded retired samurai father, and a farmer mother. Before he had grown to speak his first words, his father had been recalled to duty and fallen on the battlefield for the Daimyo, a most honorable and noble end. His mother, now a widow, did her best to raise the young kitsune-blooded, but a rash of nearly inexplicable bad luck caused the farm to have low yields. As Kyldeer's father had been a samurai by award and not by caste, it did not help the poor male kitsune.

As the farm slowly died out, a decision was made by Kyldeer's mother, who carried the young child to a dedicated shrine to be brought up there. Kyldeer's mother was not heard from after leaving the shrine alone, rumours abound that she was set upon by bandits, or perhaps she was simply not as mortal as she seemed. It matters not in the end.

Kyldeer was brought up from that point as a priest. Learning the ways of the Anaithan occult and customs, he developed into a rather interesting and enigmatic young child. By happenstance, a Shadow Adept had to stay in the shrine while making a pilgramige. This meeting changed Kyldeer's view of the world in a subtle but important way, and to say he become obsessed with the adaptable magic would be an understatement.

When he became a teen, his tinkering with forces unknown had a terrible backlash. The result was that he was scarred for life, and almost had his life's essence taken away. The monks, hoping that this was a sign, offered him to the Celestial Court for training, which was unusually accepted. Thus, Kyldeer shuffled off the mortal coil at the ripe age of 13, and taken to the courts for additional training.

The spirit world was a strange and wondrous place, filled with powerful but content spirits, and a bureaucracy that would make any mortal government seem trite and simple. In this was Kyldeer's life finally shaped. Time passed, but it no longer mattered as each year was much like the last, the mortal world having its own rule of time that was suspended for this in the Court proper.

Live History

When Kyldeer had come of age, the world had changed considerably. For as he had barely seemed to grow older, weeks for him were years outside. No longer with any recognizable clan line, nor with any mortal ties that would recognize him, the Celestial Kitsune-blooded was given a task to learn all that he could of the mortal world, to experience all that he could, and to use this to better the Celestial Court and the world itself when his time had played out. Once more, Kyldeer was mortal.

Mortal perhaps, does not encompass what Kyldeer was, as within a week of being back on the plane of the living, he was 'killed' by a brute with a god's stolen mace, defending a young blue vixen that was unable to hide herself in time. The sacrifice was in vain, however, as Cobalt was still brought into the brief but amazing battle; Kyldeer's sacrifice had merely given those on the side of justice a moment's respite to gather their wits and spells to turn the tide.

He was brought back through a summoning by a friend of the Celestial Court, and given an onus to create a place of worship for the Courts in the area. Several months went by, with Kyldeer's brilliant rainbow wings allowing him to chart great distances and sense the chi flows to find the perfect spot. However before construction would begin, another death was to occur.

This death was a more unusual one, as the mortal steward of a god-killer had decided that perhaps, Kyldeer's foreign attitude was a little too harsh. Sanguine was released, and as everyone went to be less noticeable, leave it to the kitsune to attempt to charm his way out of trouble. He was so well liked by the God-Slayer Sanguine, that she just had to taste him. Kyldeer's official taste has been written as 'like a marshmallow noodle', a sort of running joke that has continued along.

After spending a short time within the tortuous chambers of Sanguine's realm, Kyldeer was released. His psyche had endured terribly however, and he was afraid of all vixens for several months afterwards. As a joke, someone cast a spell to alter Kyldeer's sex to female, to watch him cower from his own reflection. truly, Sanguine is not to be trifled with.

The site for the Shrine was finally picked out atop the mountain region North by North-East from The Shire Proper. While it was too far away to truly be in 'The Shire', the several day journey was to be made worth it. Sporting natural hot springs, chi harmony, and a view out over the bay that cut into Kith Kanaan itself, the Celestial Shrine was designed to be a great edifice to the greater Kami and to inspire all in the area.

During the construction of this great multi-story shrine, a terrible cold hit the Shire and surrounding areas, a cold great enough to flash-freeze the kitsune-blooded as he worked. He was later saved by Tuoqui, who became his romantic love from that point forward, even though the customs would prevent them ever directly being married.

The shrine completed, the petty day to day squabbles of mortals did little but confused the kitsune-blooded, whose blunt and simple advice would never quite fit into the idyllic layered world built upon treachery and betrayal. While he was almost elected into the Shire Council proper, a last minute vote of no confidence finally disheartened the kistune-blooded, who simply stated that should his advice ever be wished, it was well known where he was.

It was not all downside, however. An arranged marriage with Sakura was eroded by the will of the Celestial Court as the half-kitsune-blooded was taken in by Naiponese politics. Later, his currently betrothal to Koyuki with Kitashi as a second came about, without any complaints from any side, it was a match that made the news in Anaitha for a week, until the marriage was sadly delayed by more politics.

After long last, Kyldeer has been wed to Koyuki in a suprising ceremony that involved Kwaidan herself, who looked after the proceedings. Kyldeer was married to Fukumi Koyuki, as her wife, and was accepted into the Fukumi Family and the Kurosawa Clan. Tuoqui and Kurosawa Kitashi were also in the marriage, officially in the family through the contract of concubines, as is the only recourse for such marriage to occur. Upon the acceptance and rite of marriage, Kyldeer was lifted to a full Samurai upon his entry into the Kurosawa Clan. Only time will tell what the new duties and responsibilities may mean.

Old Stuff


Kyldeer is a Kitsune with no clan name. Most that meet him can ask freely about this, and the answer is always the same. He is a shard of spirit made mortal, granted time on earth by the Greater Kami of the Celestial Court in order to prepare himself for his true duties on the Court itself. He is the representative of the Celestial Court in The Shire, and the creator and leader of the Shrine to the Courts that is North of the Shire, in the mountains.

The public figure of Kyldeer has had many different forms. In all of them he wears a mask of some sort to hide half of his face. Beyond that however, he has many different looks. Everything from a formal, classic kimono of a courtier to a well-tailored western-style three-piece suit with hat.

Where once were two wings of rainbow hued feathers, only charred stumps remain. This is normally not spoken of, and he normally does not make a big deal of the removal of his wings. His use of shadow magic allows him to fly when he needs to nonetheless, growing his wings back in a shadowed, color-muted form of their previous glory.


Kyldeer is the grand poombah of the Celestial Court in The Shire. Normally this is simply a title of 'High Priest', and allows him to stand up amongst the Samurai caste, without being a Samurai. This has led to some minor mishaps, as the gifted position without the responsibility has no real analog in Naipon.

He is responsible for weddings and spiritual matters when an emissary is not availible to the Forests or to Naipon.

Shadow Mage

As well as being a priest, Kyldeer is a practicer of the Shadow Arts. While his full depth of knowledge and capabilities are not know, it is fairly common to know that he has summoned a shadow fish to hit wetly upon Amanda's head from several miles away, with a smell that lingered. While such trivial uses of magic of his hallmark, the mastery of the magic arts that it represents is more then any weekend dabbler.

Kyldeer is in fact an adept of decent proficiency, although not enough to gain any true notoriety. There is a rumor that his style of magic use is the reason he wears a mask, although with the magic school's reputation, anything that can bolster one's personal style and impact is an asset.


Kyldeer is a Kitsune with no clan name. He is a shard of spirit made mortal, granted his time upon the earth by the Greater Kami of the Celestial Court. He is their representative in The Shire, and working on a Shrine the likes of which has not been seen outside of Anaitha.

Primarily he can be indentified by his rainbow feathered wings, or by the fact he is never seen without a half mask on, covering up part of his face all the time. He is both a Celestial Kitsune and an adept at Shadow Magic, although no where near the level of the more infamous ones.

He was part of the Adventure where Alynna went to find her god, and is often found either on his shrine, with Tuoqui and Alynna, or on the Kurosawa Estate as a sensei to Sakura and Celeste.

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