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The Ka're

Culture The Ka'Re are a tribe of deeply spiritual felines that inhabit the deserts surrounding the corona oasis. There life is full of ritual, and they travel, following the oases from watering hole to watering hole. While the rituals of the Ka're are very exacting, and there proper devotion required and strictly enforced, they are also a very relaxed and tactile people among them selves, and outsiders they trust. Earning the trust of the Ka're can be difficult and usually requires a tribal member vouching for the visitor.

Ka're mate for life when the gods call them together, but they are quite free in there physical expression of love. children are raised by the entire tribe and considered to be children of the tribe as soon as they are weaned. The concept of mother and father as other races see it is rather alien to them, the closest they get is referring to there birth mother and birth father, but they see all the elders as family.

Appearance Ka're are typically Short and Of sandy, white, yellow or dusty brown pelt, with other colors believed to be omens, not necessarily good or bad, but destined for great things, white is considered to be a holy color, and white Ka're are generally encouraged to join the ranks of the shaman. Their eye's range from gray to green. Their features are delicate and they are usual lean but muscular. When hunting or around their camps Ka're tend to dress sparse, loincloths and halters, or nothing at all, modesty is not a concept they are much aware of. when meeting outsiders they tend to wear loose robes, who's color denotes there rank, if any in the tribe.

Tribal Roles

  • Chief Elder: Generally the oldest male in the tribe. He is in charge in matters of war and conflict. he wears a robe of dark blue.
  • Chief Matron: Generally the oldest female in the tribe. Equal in rank to the chief elder in all other matters but war and conflict, she traditional sees to the spiritual and physical needs of the tribe. She wears the green robe of life.
  • Chief Hunter: A title given to the most skilled hunter among the Ka're tribe. Once bestowed it is kept for life or until the hunter gives the title to another. The chief hunter wears no robe but is adorned in a black loincloth and will paint his body with the marks of his kills for special functions.

Language Ka'rek is the primary language of the tribes. There are various dialects but they are close enough for understanding. The Ka're have also begun to learn 'trade', mostly however it is the elders who speak it.

Allies The Ka're currently have no Allies.