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Race: Djinn, Ifrit, Omi-Kami, Shade
Action: Instant Action
Duration: Instant (Activation), Constant (Duration)
Essence: 2
Increases: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The character slips part-way into another realm, allowing them to become an insubstantial figure not fully manifested in either realm. If desired, the character can increase the Essence Cost by one to make this an Active Defence against any melee or ranged attack they are aware of, and if the opponent does not gain a number of Successes equal to the character’s Might, the character has phased insubstantial before the attack could hit. While in this state, the character is resistant to physical harm and can not be damaged by any object whose Hardness is less than the character’s Might. Damage inflicted by any object striking the character is reduced by the character’s Might, and the Size of the attacker does not increase the Damage of the weapon. The character can not pass through Wards or mystical Barriers, and attacks augmented by Faith, Magic, or Psionics can still harm the character without reduction as long as the attack itself is not mundane in nature (a spell that strikes the character does full damage, but stones lifted and thrown with telekinesis do not). The character can not become corporeal again if a part of them is within a solid substance unless the character spends the Essence Cost again. In this case the solid object inflicts a number of Wounds equal to the object’s Hardness which can not be Soaked. In addition, if the object was someplace critical in the body, the character makes an immediate Death Save with a Difficulty equal to the object’s Hardness, or dies immediately.

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