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History of Kith Kanaan

As recorded by Tamper, former Oracle of Arion
It is the role of the Oracles to record history, writing of the events that happened as they transpire. Very few, of course, have the patience to pore over every tome written down by the Brotherhood, so it serves us well to give a brief rendition of the important dates in history for Kith Kanaan.

Of the many faiths of Kith Kanaan, it is we who first began to record the significant events and legends among the natives. While most legends and stories were sung, or passed on verbally from elder to student, it was we who had the foresight to write down details that our descendants would be able to read, unchanged by time and memory.

The first religion of Kith Kanaan had no real name. It was centred around the great Wyrms of Kith Kanaan, a host of dragons that ruled over the outland, known as Midiron, and laired on Kith Kanaan proper. The natives of Kith Kanaan revered the Dragons, and provided offerings in hope of directing the attention of these great beasts towards less worthy souls.

Recorded below are the names of the three Dragon Queens, and their roles in the development of Kith Kanaan.

Assura (as_YURE_ah)
More commonly known as Azura, this dragon has deep blue scales and an insatiable hunger for power. She was the creator of the Azure path of magic, and a potent artificer. She was, according to legends, capable of tearing holes in space to travel to other worlds.

Currently, Assura has settled into the city of Threshold, and has raised a brood there which is slowly spreading out over Kith Kanaan.

Tourmaline (TORE_mah_line)
Born with scales which shifted from a rich violet to a deep green or blue, Tourmaline is credited with organizing the separate tribes of Kith Kanaan into groups, and educating them with the knowledge of agriculture and shepherding. She is recorded as the dragon who developed the Code of Law for the tribes that would eventually settle into Drachenkeep.

Currently, Tourmaline has been seen moving through the Great Libraries of the Brotherhood, reading the history of our people, and of the nations of Kith Kanaan.

Naydene (NAY_denn_ay)
Born with scales as black as pitch, and devoid of any feelings but hatred, Naydene was the most evil of the dragons. A master of the art of necromancy and the path of shadow magic, she was a vampiric entity herself. She was the dragon who enforced punishment upon the mortals of Kith Kanaan. She was slain in the year 1003 outside of the Shire.�Important Points In History

Pre-1800 BE

The End of the Age of Dragons
(Before Enlightenment) General Tzepesh Draco, child of Naydene, grows disenchanted with the rule of the dragons, and secretly creates an order known as the Dragonwright. With the assistance of Nightfell, his mysterious wife, he begins to create a plan to escape his mother’s bonds on him and shatter the control the dragons have over Kith Kanaan.

A town in the heart of what would become the Shire is destroyed by summoners who wished to seize control of a mystical wellspring in the region. The town is destroyed, except for one survivor, a mouse named Kiri. Kiri escapes north, and reaches the fortress known as Threshold.

1800 BE

The Mythic Age (The Thousand Years of Wonder)
Tzepesh Draco leads an assault on the fortress of Threshold, the point which holds the greatest concentration of soldiers who have united against the monsters of the Northern Wilds. While Naydene wishes Threshold to be destroyed, Tzepesh has his own plans. He leads a suicide charge against the fortress, and succeeds in breaching the wall, but at the cost of his pregnant wife. He sides against the horde, his warriors loyally changing sides to defend the people of Threshold. Not wishing his wife to die, Tzepesh calls upon the Hermit to save his wife. In return, Tzepesh becomes Untouchable.

A Temple to Mana is discovered, and Nightfell is able to be placed in suspended animation there to heal. This is the first temple discovered in Kith Kanaan, and a group of warrior-maidens take oaths to be the honour guard of the sleeping lioness.

1795 BE

Naydene leads a charge against Threshold, intent on ripping it apart stone by stone and claiming the Temple of Mana. The Age of Dragons is coming to an end, and Naydene fights the turning of Ages with all her power. The largest battle in history is waged, with tens of thousands of casualties on either side. The border villages which make up the area known as The Wall are destroyed, shattering the protection that separates the Northern Wilds from the rest of Kith Kanaan.

Nightfell awakens, revealing herself to be the incarnation of Mana, the Goddess of Mystery. Her honour guard secretly become the first Emerald Adepts. With her awakening the island of D’Remes emerges from the mists to the north, and she leads her most faithful through the Northern Wilds to reclaim it.

1790 BE

Kiri meets Stalak in the growing city of Threshold. Monsters from the Northern Wilds have begun to creep into the growing city, and she is one of the few who can see the corruption forming in the heart of the city before it has even had a chance to survive. The meeting between Kiri and Stalak becomes the foundation which creates the Kithain.

Nightfell reaches D’Remes, and from her presence, the unicorn, pegasi, and gryphons are born and flourish over Kith Kanaan. Taking this as a sign, the Dragonwright are able to find Naydene in the Southern Wilds, hunting her down. The battle there corrupts the land irrevocably, but she is eventually defeated and bound in a chamber beneath the area that would later become the Silver Oasis.

1780 BE

Assura battles the Dragonwright in the Northern Wilds. The magic unleashed is without precedence, and leaves a permanent mark on the region, infecting it with powerful magic. Emboldened, the Dragonwright track down Tourmaline, to find her waiting for them. The last of the Dragon Queens hands the Dragonwright detailed plans for splitting Kith Kanaan between different rulers, and laws to ensure peace, before allowing herself to be bound. Drachenkeep is founded.

1710 BE

The Emerald Adepts declare their presence in Threshold officially, and are granted the right to police the region as they see fit by General Tzepesh. Threshold begins to prosper, as the area continues to be rebuilt, drawing merchants and workers. Nightfell leaves D’Remes, entering the region of Drachenkeep, and becomes a guiding force for the throne, taking the title of Blue Wizard.

1701 BE~

Threshold grows into a city. Unable to afford the cost of running the city and aware of the curse placed on him when he became Untouchable, Tzepesh declares himself a Merchant Prince, and allows other merchants to take the title of Merchant Prince as well. The city flourishes, ruled by the Merchant Princes. Tzepesh takes the title of Count, and renames himself Count Tzepesh Draco hai Naydene.

1700 BE

The royalty of Drachenkeep grow corrupt, and are executed by the Untouchable known as Shaden of the Dark Wing. The Blue Wizard leaves Drachenkeep with the crown, giving an oath of her return when the true heir is ready. The nobles begin to fight amongst themselves as they attempt to seize the throne.

1672 BE

The people of Aregon step out of the mists from another land, and begin to settle. The Council of Druids is established, aiding the different tribes by settling matters of law and looking ahead at what is to come.

1600 BE~

Kopje Keep is built over the course of a few years, as a station to prevent incursions from the Southern Wilds, which extended far enough north to be a threat to the region which would eventually become Carcassonne.

1550 BE~

Beryn attempts an Avatar among the nobility of Drachenkeep, in an attempt to gain a hold in Kith Kanaan. The Kithain discover the plot, and attempt to slay the mother before the child is born. She escapes south, and is intercepted by an Untouchable from the Emerald Adepts named Laura Clearbrook. The mother swears fealty to Mana, and the child is forced from her before it can fully form. Laura and the fledgling avatar battle in woods south of the Shire, and the destruction of the avatar weakens the barriers between the spirit world and the physical world, creating the haunted woods of Carcassonne. The mother survives, and becomes the first of the Mysteries.

1460 BE

The Blue Wizard settles in a fertile valley in central Kith Kanaan, and declares rulership. This area eventually becomes known as the Shire, and becomes protected by the force known as the Peace Keepers. Under the watchful eye of the Blue Wizard, the area begins to quickly prosper.

1200 BE

A war of spirits takes place in the haunted woods south of the Shire, drawing in mortals from different worlds and ages. The war is won by a fox maiden named Thunderbright, who makes a pact with the servants of the Jewel Maiden, and creates the Empire of Carcassonne. The first fox spirits begin to settle in Kith Kanaan.

1182 BE~

A sailing group from Aregon settle on Kith Kanaan proper, and create Rath. The region is taken control of by the druids and settled, just north of Carcassonne. The fledgling nation has many conflicts with Carcassonne. Meanwhile, the kingdom of Drachenkeep splinters, with Tarantis and Klaven forming in the wake. Fighting between the noble families reaches its peak.

1000 BE

The Midnight Mages Guild is formed, and a tower is built north of the Shire, with permission from the Blue Wizard. The Midnight Mages is founded by the dragon Khan Ti Long, a visitor from the Empires of Ivory and Jade.

800 BE~

The Age of Uncertainty
The first appearance of the Brotherhood of the Book, and the Sisterhood of the Blade. The first Grand Library is built in Threshold. Debate begins in Threshold about the historical records found in the Grand Library, and a series of attempts are made by arsonists to burn down the library and destroy the records. Records of Arion and Sanguine do not exist in writing before this time.

200 BE

The appearance of the Children of Maya and the Storm Wardens. These faiths existed before this time, but become stronger with the assistance of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood. The first temples are built Exta Port and R’Tal. Murrimi, the cub of Maya and Tsunami, was born around this time.

The entity known as Ravana gains true demonic power in Hinde, and a violent war breaks out. Ravana wages war on the Hinde and the people of the region known now only as the Heart Lands, attempting to claim them for itself.

100 BE

The prophet Joshua is slain in the Heart Lands, and invokes the Words. The region is destroyed, as is a section of Hinde, turning a once fertile region into a desolate wasteland. The force of the Words are enough that three cities vanish, re-appearing in Kith Kanaan. The survivors begin the long journey west, following the last words of the prophet.

Anansie, Tajima, and a third city whose name has been lost, appear in southern Kith Kanaan. The land, once a part of the Southern Wilds, becomes burning desert, bearing the same curse as the Heart Lands – water is not to be found. The curse is not as strong, and water appears in small pockets, where Kith Kanaan fights the curse, but the people are bewildered and terrified. The city of Tajima exists on the edge of the Southern Wilds, and the third kingdom is swallowed by the dark region itself, claimed by the monsters that live there. Kopje Keep is abandoned.

0 AE

The Age of Enlightenment
(After Enlightenment) The followers of Joshua come to Kith Kanaan, guided by visions and the words of their prophet. The battle to reach Kith Kanaan has made the Joshuites distrustful of other beliefs, and they begin to spread their word to the people of Kith Kanaan. Most of the other faiths simply go into hiding, as the Joshuite faith is quite strong, and their tactics are severe. The Children of Maya and the Storm Wardens are almost destroyed.

With the Joshuites comes new learning in medicine, agriculture, and other studies, taken from the many nations on the main land and from Midiron, reducing disease and bringing a centralized authority to many of the nations of Kith Kanaan. The Joshuites find themselves more welcome in the regions of Tarantis and Drachenkeep, and are tolerated in the Shire, but Carcassonne and the south remain closed to them.

200 AE

Elementals awaken in Seabreak, and an object called the Spire appears to grow from the ground overnight. The Elemental creatures enchant the Spire, and the region becomes Springdale. The area falls under a powerful Oath which prevents hostility or bloodshed. The area becomes a peaceful, agricultural society.

450 AE

The Waning begins, with magic slowly leaving Kith Kanaan. War breaks out between Drachenkeep and the fledgling region of Nycthanlinth, and Tarantis begins to explore and trade with Midiron.

The gypsies begin to be seen in the Shire and as far north as Threshold, protected by the Mother of Gypsies. They appear to be a much older race, with a deep and rich history, but they do not share their heritage with outsiders.

500 AE

Drachenkeep wins the war against Nycthanlinth, absorbing the region and imposing strict laws against the merchants and traders of the vanquished nation. Drachenkeep and Tarantis begin to war over resources as magic declines. The Kithain begin a systematic slaying of any user of magic they discover, and find themselves in direct conflict with the Emerald Adepts.

520 AE

The war between Drachenkeep and Tarantis ends in a stalemate, and the Kithain turn the Joshuite faith against Threshold. Tarantis splinters from the orthodox Joshuite faith, beginning to worship Shekhina. This is enough for the Joshuite faith to force Drachenkeep to attack Threshold.

524 AE

The Night of a Thousand Knives. From Threshold down to the Shire, the Kithain find themselves crippled as the Horsemen hunt them down and murder them in their sleep. One thousand people are found dead without a struggle in nearly every nation. The general public do not know the significance of the act, but the Kithain recognize it as a warning, and withdraw their support from the war against Threshold. Drachenkeep fails to take Threshold, and withdraws.

640 AE

An artifact of Beryn is found near Westwood, corrupting the land and creating a terrifying nightmare realm called Shadowmire. This demi-realm exists partially in Kith Kanaan, and partially in the realm of Shadow.

863 AE

Refugees from Midiron come to Kith Kanaan, settling to the south, forming the city of Cordona. Midiron falls, becoming a number of feuding nations all vying for power. Merchants from Nycthanlinth, enraged by the harsh levies applied to them by Drachenkeep, sail across to Exta Port, and move south to R’Tal, establishing trade with the mainland and making profit by selling their services to the feuding nations of Midiron.

900 AE~

War erupts between Tajima and Anansie, and a plague demon is unleashed within the city of Tajima, breaking free of the bindings made by a member of the noble family. Tajima becomes a shell of its former self, and is swallowed by the Southern Wilds and the sands. Most records of Tajima vanish, hidden by the rulers of Anansie in fear of anyone attempting to learn how to call upon the demon.

950 AE~

The Waning Ends. The city of Cordona descends into chaos and strife, initiated by griffons from the nearby mountains. Over the course of the next twenty years, using infernalism and necromancy, the griffons cause an upheaval and usurp Cordona.

980 AE

The Blue Wizard leaves the Shire, and coronates Xerces, a member of the Crimson Paw, as the first ruler of Drachenkeep in almost 1200 years. The conflicts within Drachenkeep begin to settle.

985 AE

The Midnight Mages Guild is given political strength within Drachenkeep, freeing the nation from the influence of the Joshuites and the Kithain.

Midiron becomes unified under the rule of Tempest Power. War erupts between Tarantis and Midiron, and the Mysteries unleash a powerful storm, cutting Kith Kanaan off from Midiron indefinitely. Sailing between Kith Kanaan and Midiron becomes treacherous.

996 AE

A gate appears in the Shire, leading to the realm of Rym. The Sun Worshippers begin to appear in Kith Kanaan, including the curious race known as the lutrai. The Shire welcomes the newcomers, and the first Solar Temple is built in the heart of the Shire.

997 AE

A conqueror named Marduk assaults Kith Kanaan from a flying citadel, concentrating his assaults on the Shire and Drachenkeep. Riding the powerful dragon, Brer’Lappin and using cannons, Marduk and Queen Xerces warred for over a year.

Nagazawa is founded east of the Shire by a kitsune named Kenoshi. Nagazawa allies with Marduk and begins a siege on Carcassonne and the Shire, allowing Marduk to concentrate on Drachenkeep.

Kopje Keep is absorbed by Springdale, where the Immortal Lion makes his home. Springdale expands to cover the Savannah, and effectively cuts the northern lands from the Anansie Desert.

998 AE

The Celestial Courts fully manifest in Carcassonne. Queen Xerces drives Marduk out of Kith Kanaan and abdicates her throne to pursue him, while Carcassonne defeats Nagazawa, removing the region from existence.

999 AE

The Brotherhood of the Book and the Sisterhood of the Blade come out of hiding, creating a crisis of faith in many regions. The Reclaimers, a group of scholars, decipher the Aria – the Words used by the prophet Joshua to destroy the Heart Lands.

Westwood secedes from Drachenkeep, and joins the Shire, and encounters much conflict with Shadowmire. A concentrated effort is made to destroy Shadowmire.

1000 AE~

The Age of Sorrow
The city of Threshold joins Drachenkeep, after Tzepesh Draco sends his daughter to assassinate every Merchant Prince that exists within the city, then woos and wins the hand of the daughter of the Sultan of Anansie. The city of Cair Rose, in Tarantis, is destroyed when the Aria is mis-played by the ruler. Blue Wizard vanishes, placing the Shire in control of the Peace Keepers.

The Joshuites are crippled when the Aria is used to attack them, slaying a significant number of them. The Untouchable known as Sandra Darkblade is freed of her curse, and then slain in a battle against Tempest Power, who is discovered to be another Untouchable. Tempest is slain as well.

The Joshuites attempt a crusade to reclaim the Heart Lands, only to find Ravana waiting for them. The ensuing massacre drives the Joshuites back, though in the time that passes, they find many converts to their cause on the mainland.

The Reclaimers resurrect the gods of Order and Chaos. Both are eventually defeated, but not before their presence awakens the Dragon Queens from their slumbers.

1004 AE~

The Reclaimers are fractured and defeated, and go into hiding, while the Dragonwright begin to once more hunt the Dragon Queens. Naydene is defeated, but Assura allies herself with the ancient kin among the Sun Worshippers, giving herself tacit immunity from the Dragonwright. The order of the Dragonwright call off their crusade against Assura and Tourmaline.

Beryn’s Avatar rises in the south, but is driven back. His avatar is shattered, and his essence is thrown into the Southern Wilds. His minions begin to create conflict between Cordona and R’Tal, which threatens outright war. A powerful demon is summoned, which nearly destroys a number of families from both nations.

A mystical plague strikes Anansie, working its way north. During the plague, Tzepesh Draco assassinates the Sultan, taking control of Anansie. He proves to be a capable ruler, aiding Anansie in resisting assaults from the Southern Wilds. A major attack is repulsed, led by the Demon Lover of Ravana.

1005 AE~

The Cordona families of a number of nobles diplomats lost in Anansie during the assault from the Southern Wilds join together to perform a powerful spell, combining the Aria and Infernalism. The spell is interrupted by Tzepesh Draco’s daughter, Lilith and Kyle Woods, husband of the Dragon Queen Assura. The resulting backlash destroys the city of Cordona, and much of the surrounding territory, pulling it into one of the Lower Realms.

Carcassonne seals its borders, the spirits of the haunted woods growing darker. Anyone who enters Carcassonne’s borders is lost, taken by the spirits and creatures of the woods. Only the Peace Keepers, sworn to obey the pact made by Koki Teno five years before, can pass safely.

The demons and undead within Cordona flee into the Anansie desert, the undead growing in number as they assault the city of R’Tal. R’Tal is saved by Shannon Bridlehorn, who uses powerful Infernal magic to hold them at bay. While R’Tal is protected from the onslaught, Shannon Bridlehorn succumbs to the darkness in her soul caused by exposure to the Whispering Demon that was created a year before in the conflicts between R’Tal and Cordona. The once-pleasant nation is now ruled by a demon sorceress.

Anansie is assaulted by the demons and undead of Cordona to the east, and the Southern Wilds from the south. Rather than lose everyone in Anansie, however, Tzepesh Draco had already abandoned the city, sending the refugees to the north, and only leaving himself and his best warriors to defend the doomed city.

1025 AE

The god Beryn attempts to be resurrected, but is finally destroyed for good. An Infernalist known only as Scarlet performs a ritual which sacrifices Beryn’s soul to Mika, who achieves apotheosis, becoming a new goddess. It is discovered that her ascension is part of a prophesy that may signify the End Times.

1026 AE

The goddess Murrimi is discovered, and awakens, her first temple being constructed within the Shire Lands. Carcassonne and Tarantis nearly go to war after Tarantis diplomats enter the Carcassonnen woods without an escort and are destroyed. In addition, Stalak and Kiri of the Kithain are rediscovered, both having become powerful psionic liches. Stalak is destroyed, and Kiri is released, willingly sacrificing herself to the afterlife.

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