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Craft Skill, Income Skill
The Skill to identify and use herbs and plants, as well as the skill to identify them and their properties. The character is also capable of creating remedies and drugs which can be used to help or hinder the user, or to create alchemical potions which produce astounding effects. Unfortunately, drugs may cause addiction (see below).

Brew Poultice
The character creates a poultice. This is a Results Roll using Mental + Herbalist. The process takes a number of hours equal to the Difficulty and has a Cost equal to half the Difficulty. This is a Resource Roll. The Potency may be reduced to create multiple doses of the poultice. When a poultice is used as part of a Medicine Roll, the character gains a number of Additional Successes equal to the Potency to aid in healing an individual or to reduce the Potency of a disease or poison. A Poultice may also be used with Animal Ken when treating animals.

Create Drug
The character creates a drug which can either grant a Power to the person using it, or affects the user with the Power. This is determined by the character as they create the drug in question. The character makes a Results Roll using their Mental + Herbalist. This is a Resource Roll. The drug takes a number of hours to create, and has a Cost equal to the Difficulty. If the character succeeds, they have set the Potency of the drug. This is also a Resource Check to reduce the Cost of making the drug in question. If the character wishes, they may sacrifice Potency to increase the number of doses they have, one for one. The drug will remain in effect for a number of hours equal to the Potency and the Power has an effective Growth equal to the Growth of the person who crafted the drug. A character can create a drug granting multiple Powers, up to a maximum number equal to the character’s Growth. Each additional Power costs +1 Difficulty, +1 Hour, and +1 Cost to create.

The character can instead choose to create an antidote which counters the effects of a Power when used. This will either cure someone who is affected by a Power, or can be used to temporarily remove a Power or Merit from an individual. The effect is chosen when the antidote is created. Antidotes do not cause addiction, but are created in the same manner as a drug. If used to cure an individual, the Potency reduces the Growth of the Power afflicting the target. If this reduces the Growth to 0, the Power ceases to affect the target. If it is used to remove a Power or Merit from a target, the target loses the Power or Merit for a number of hours equal to the Potency. Antidotes can be made to cure or nullify multiple effects.

Using a drug can cause an addiction. The character who has taken the drug must roll their Spiritual + Integrity against a Difficulty equal to the drug’s Potency. If the character fails, they have become addicted to that specific type of drug. While not affected by the drug in question, the character suffers an increased Difficulty to all rolls for a duration equal to twice that of the original drug taken. The Penalty is equal to the number of times the character has taken the drug in question.

Once the duration has expired, the character may a Spiritual + Endurance roll against the same Difficulty + Penalty. If the character succeeds, the Penalty is reduced by one and the character operates at the reduced Penalty for an amount of time equal to the original time (duration of drug x 2). This process is repeated until the character has reduced the Penalty to 0, in which case the character has succeeded in fighting the addiction.

If the character fails, the Difficulty of reducing the Penalty is increased by one and the character’s Resolve suffers a –1 penalty. If the character continues to fail, their Resolve continues to drop. Once the character’s Resolve is reduced to 0, the character will do anything to get their next fix. Resolve is recovered at a rate of one point per day (assuming the character is not constantly failing addiction tests).

Note: Addiction is not well understood by the inhabitants of Kith Kanaan. Those who are addicted are simply thought to be ‘sick’, and there is no known mundane method of treating this ‘sickness’ beyond normal medicinal procedures of the time period (which could make matters worse).

Warning: Addiction is a serious disease in the real world, and not to be taken lightly.  
The mechanics listed above do not accurately represent the torture that an addict goes 
through, or just how badly being an addict can destroy a person’s life.  Addiction is 
not something to be taken lightly, and in most cases, a person is never truly cured of  

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