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Race: Djinn, Ifrit
Action: Full Round Action
Duration: Action (Activation), Constant (Duration)
Essence: 2
Increases: 1, 4, 7

The character is capable of flight without any visible means of support. The character’s flying Speed is normal, and the character must expend one Action per Round for flight. The character is capable of flying a number of minutes without rest equal to their Spiritual + Endurance, and their Physical is considered to be two less for Bulk and carrying capacity while in the air. For every minute the character spends flying, they suffer a +1 Difficulty to all Actions due to fatigue. This penalty is reduced by one for every fifteen minutes spent resting. At Growth 4, the character can fly for Spiritual + Endurance hours without rest, rather than minutes, and fatigue is determined in hours rather than minutes. At Growth 7, the character’s Physical is considered only one less for Bulk and carrying capacity and the character adds their Might to their Speed.

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