Fallen Angels

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The Fallen are angels who fell from grace. Most fell with Ravana but once in a while the rare Angel is said to fall in love with a mortal, and unite with them to produce a child. Such Angels still perform their duties for Adonai, but their dalliance costs them their place in the Third Garden.

The Fallen Angels can not normally leave due to Kushiel’s guardianship, but they can attempt to influence mortals. The two ways they can do this, from beyond Creation, is through Angelic Petitions, and Angelic Possession.

Angelic Petition

A Fallen Angel can sense when someone of the Joshuite Faith is faltering in their beliefs. This can happen when one succumbs to a number of the Sins of Ravana, or when someone has failed a Miracle roll. When this happens, a Fallen may visit the dreams of the individual and make a Petition. The Petition is often very simple, an offer to aid the character while the character performs duties for the Fallen. If the character accepts, they suffer a permanent -1 Penalty to their Spiritual Attribute, but gain the ability to perform Miracles. In exchange, the Fallen is capable of seeing and hearing what the recipient can see and hear.

Each Fallen cleaves to one of the Seven Virtues, and embodies the Virtue without question. They expect the person petitioned to follow the Virtue, and help build civilization around that one Virtue. As long as the petitioned follows the Virtue, and does not succumb to the Sin associated with the Virtue, they benefit from the influence of the Fallen.

Grigori are extremely susceptible from visitations by the Fallen, and if they accept a Petition, they gain a number of Additional Successes to the Miracles offered by the Fallen equal to the character’s Might. Grigori do not suffer the -1 Spiritual Penalty for accepting a Petition.

Angelic Possession

A Fallen Angel can attempt to possess someone who has opened themselves to such through the use of Occultism. The person must be Joshuite, or Grigori, and the victim must roll a standard Spiritual + Integrity roll against a Difficulty of 8 (or 10 if the victim is Grigori). If the victim fails, the Fallen gains immediate possession. For each Success rolled, the Fallen can not attempt another Possession or Petition for one day.

While possessing a person, the Fallen gains complete control. They may use anything available to the person they are possessing except Sorcery, Joshuite Abilities, or Miracles. By spending 2 Essence, the Fallen may manifest any Power for the Scene. The victim is unaware of the actions taken by the Fallen and is unconscious for the period of time. The possession remains until the character has run out of Essence.

While possessing someone, the Fallen can study others, and can begin to usurp control of the region, guiding the culture towards one of the Seven Virtues. At any time, the Fallen can attempt to possess anyone who is of the Joshuite Faith. Doing so requires the Fallen to touch the subject, and spend 1 Essence to force the victim to attempt to resist the possession roll. Failure results in the Fallen leaving their previous host and entering the new one.