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Race: Draconian, Enticer, Omi-Kami, Phoenix
Action: Action
Duration: Instant (Activation), Constant (Effect)
Essence: 1
Increases: 1, 4, 7

The character has the ability to hold someone in place by meeting their gaze. The character must make a Mental + Presence roll against the target’s Resolve when activating this Power and must declare they are meeting the target’s gaze. If successful, the target is held in place and incapable of movement. The target’s Defence is reduced by the character’s Might + Successes. If the victim’s Defence is reduced to 0, the target is considered helpless while the character keeps the victim’s gaze. Any attack made against them or the character will break the character’s control. At Growth 4, the target’s Resolve is considered two less for this Power. At Growth 7, the target’s Resolve is considered four less for this Power.

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