Empathy (Skill)

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Social Skill
The Skill to sense the emotions of others, and to guess the emotional state someone else might be in. The character can use this Skill to determine if someone may be lying or withholding the truth, and whether or not they are mentally stable, or mind controlled, or possessed. Empathy may be used as an Active Defence against some Social Attacks.

Cold Read
The character attempts to learn about someone by looking at them and trying to use key words to get a reaction from the target. The character uses a number of Full Round Actions up to the character’s Growth + 3 while interacting with the target, then makes a Social + Empathy roll against the target’s Resolve with a number of Additional Successes equal to the number of Full Round Actions spent. The victim may resist by spending 1 Essence to add their Integrity to their Resolve. For each Success gained by the character, they learn something about the target that is related to the target’s emotional state. Examples include learning how the target feels about certain people / places / things, whether the target is lying about a topic of discussion, what motives they may have for an action they have taken, any prejudices or beliefs they may have. This roll can only be done once per Scene on an individual.

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