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Race: Enticer, Sidhe
Action: Action
Duration: Instant (Activation), Constant (Effect)
Essence: 1
Increases: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The character causes feelings of intense emotion in someone they see. The character rolls (Social + Presence) against the target’s Resolve. If successful, the victim feels the emotion acutely for as long as the character spends one Action each Round upon keeping the effect active. The victim will often associate the emotion being felt with the circumstances the victim finds themselves in. If the victim is filled with sudden fear while facing the character, the victim will be afraid of the character. If the victim feels anger while talking with a friend, they will be angry at the friend. The victim suffers (Might + Successes) Difficulty on all Rolls for Actions which run contrary to the emotion being felt and the victim’s Resolve is lowered by the character’s Growth if someone uses these new emotions to manipulate the victim.

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