Emanate Affliction

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Race: None
Action: Full Round Action
Duration: Instant (Activation), Constant (Effect)
Essence: +2
Increases: None

The character increases the Essence Cost of any Affliction which requires them to touch their opponent. The Affliction Power becomes an Emanation which affects anyone within a range of twice the character’s (Size + Might) in yards. Upon activating this Power, the character makes an Area Effect Roll (Spiritual + Endurance) with a number of Additional Successes equal to the Actions sacrificed in the Round. Any person caught in the Area subtracts their Resistance from the Successes rolled. Each Success remaining is used to determine the result of the Power that is Emanated. As long as the victim remains within the area of effect, they are subject to the Power being Emanated as if the character is touching them with each Action the character has. This does not actually take an Action from the character however. The Power’s effect ends once the victim leaves the area of effect. This Power is an Instant Effect – those who enter the area are not subject to the Power being Emanated unless it is activated and Emanated again, they are not suddenly subject to the effect.

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