Dragon Breath

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Race: Ifrit, Phoenix
Action: Action
Duration: Action (Activation), Action (Duration)
Essence: 2 or 1
Increases: 1, 3, 5, 7

The character is capable of unleashing a powerful blast as a Full Round Action. This attack has a range of (Size + Might) x 5 yards. The character can choose to spread out this attack, gaining one yard of width for every three yards of range. The character makes a single Passive Roll gaining Additional Successes equal to the number of Actions sacrificed in the Round. The Physical + Endurance Roll is made against the Defence of all targets to provide the Difficulty of the Soak Roll. The Dragon Breath Power has Damage (Might + Size). The character may spend 1 Essence each Round to continue to unleash the attack, using the same Successes from the previous Round. At Growth 1, the character chooses one Spell Effect as the content of the attack. At Growth 4, the character may choose a second Spell Effect. At Growth 7, the character may choose a third Spell Effect. These Effects require Game Master approval.

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