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The Kingdom of Drachenkeep

Ruler: Queen Dove, Archon of Arion
Religion: Arin and Joshuite (Competing)

The region of Drachenkeep is flanked by Tarantis to the east, and the Northern Wilds wrap around the nation, buffered by the mountains. The kingdom (simply called ‘Drachen’ by a number of folk) was one of the most stable of the early kingdoms to form out of the Age of Dragons, and remains one of the two largest powers on Kith Kanaan with open borders and a stable relationship with the nations closest to it. Until recently, Drachenkeep was a constitutional monarchy, with the crown of awarded to a new ruler by the voices of the Shire. The crown was handed down by choice through a number of rulers, to eventually be placed upon the head of the Archon of Life. Now, with the current ruler a member of the Unfettered, and with her and her consort supposedly immortal, it seems the line of heirs may remain unchanged for quite some time to come. The people of Drachenkeep are called Drachen.

Drachenkeep is ruled by Dove, the Archon of Life, one of the chosen of Arion, and a member of the Unfettered. Her royal consort, Shaden, was once the Slayer of Arion, but has since been removed from the ranks of the Unfettered. He is, however, now the head of the Drachen army and the head of Drachen’s spy network. The Queen has created a consul which looks after the smooth running of the nation, but the royal consort has ensured that greater weight of power does not rest in the hands of the consul, thus preventing the power of the throne from being diminished. The people of Drachen are a serious, stoic lot. They believe in hard work and effort, and are some of the best metal smiths in Kith Kanaan. They prefer riding horses, wearing heavy armour, and using heavy weapons. They hold to a fierce code of honour, and are willing to duel when their honour is besmirched. The land is broken down into Duchies, which are broken down into minor Baronies, and each province has their own band of knights.


While it is not always obvious, there is religious tension in Drachen. Until about thirty years ago, Drachen was a predominantly Joshuite nation. With the coming of Queen Dove, the growth of the Arin faith in Drachenkeep has been steadily progressing. The nation itself is still predominantly Joshuite, but a number of the upper ranks of the nobility have been ‘converting’ to the Arin Faith to remain in the good graces of the royalty. The royal consort has been supporting the transition through covert methods, preventing any harm from coming to those nobles who did convert, but also ensuring that such ‘converts’ do not use their new-found faith to back their political schemes against their peers. The Joshuites have not been idle during this conversion process, and have been quietly attempting to turn the public against the Arin faith. This has proven difficult, with the Queen being the living embodiment of Arion’s presence in Drachenkeep. They must walk a fine line in speaking against the ‘heathen faith’, without speaking out against the Queen herself – a capital offence.


The Drachen people believe in hard work, and that anything gained easily is not worth keeping. They are a practical and stoic people who believe in labour and earning one’s keep, but they also know how to celebrate when it is time to do so. The Drachen have not been in a serious war in over a century, however, and as such most militant members of the nation take a ‘tour’ of the Northern Wilds to keep in practice. Anyone who does not know how to lift and use a sword, or how to perform serious labour, is seen as ‘wimpy’.

Common Names

The common naming practice is to be given a name by the child’s parents. The family name is usually determined by the father’s name, followed by by what province the character’s family has sworn allegiance to, attached by the word ‘von’. So, if a person is named ‘Adolph’ by their father, who is named ‘Josef’, and they are part of the ‘Griswald’ province, the character’s name is Adolph Josef von Griswald.

Male: Adolph, Auberon, Bernt, Bruno, Casper, Charles, Dieter, Dirk, Ehrin, Ermen, Ferdinand, Fritz, Gerald, Gunther, Hansel, Hugo, Jaeger, Josef, Kaiser, Kiefer, Louis, Lukas, Mandel, Mikkel, Norbert, Novak, Oberon, Otto, Romy, Rune, Seifer, Sigfried, Tanner, Ulf, Ull, Varick, Wendell, Wilhelm, Yaeger, Zelig

Female: Adelle, Annalise, Berdine, Bertha, Caroline, Crescentia, Didrika, Elsie, Emera, Freida, Fritzi, Greta, Grizelda, Hedwig, Heidi, Ilse, Irma, Johanna, Katrina, Kristen, Lise, Lorelei, Marlene, Minna, Nixie, Odele, Rosine, Rune, Sanja, Stefanie, Trude, Trula, Unna, Verena, Viveca, Wenda, Wilda, Zelda

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