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The Nation of Domremy

Ruler: The Inner Circle
Religion: Puritan Joshuite

A nation in Midiron, Domremy is ruled by an oligarchy, composed of a council of elders of each town or city. Each province is overseen by a single elder, who is part of the council for Domremy itself. All members of the council are strict members of the Joshuite faith, though not all are ordained members.

Domremy was founded when the Joshuites, travelling through Midiron, reached the west coast. One group decided to sail west, eventually landing in Kith Kanaan, while the rest remained behind, and carved out an existence there. The people who remained behind became the Domerans.

The people of Domremy are simple, with a hard work ethic and the belief that everyone in a community must work together for the good of the community. Everyone is expected to work, including children, and only one day of the week is given towards rest. The other six days of the week, the people of Domremy wake before dawn, do chores and work until just before sunset, eat at sunset, and sleep. Entertainment is only for celebration of an event, or dedicated to Adonai. The arts are very sparse, and the people of Domremy have advanced very slowly in the last thousand years.

Life in Domremy centres around the worship of Adonai and living a simple, pure life. Poverty is unknown of, as tithing is used to give money to the poor, though they are expected to contribute to the community. The supernatural are seen as a threat to the stability of Domremy, and all magic and psionics are forbidden. There are no mythical races in Domremy, nor are the bloodlines present – the witch hunters, law enforcement of the nation – see to that.


Domremy is strictly Joshuite, and is closer to the ancient Joshuites of Kith Kanaan, rather than the modern equivalent. They have removed all other faiths and beliefs in the region, and any supernatural races which present themselves are quickly captured, interrogated, and executed as heretical. As such, the Domerans are very distrustful of other cultures.


The Domerans are xenophobic, not trusting any outside culture. Trade with Tarantis is very limited, restricted to a single port. Nearly anyone coming into Domremy is considered a sinner, unless they can prove themselves, a process which can take years.


New England and the Puritans are an inspiration for the mind-set of Domremy, and also a touch of the Amish. The Domerans believe in a simple lifestyle, with everything crafted by hand. Life in Domremy could be considered simple, and perhaps a touch strict and boring.

Common Names

Male: Alan, Ashton, Benjamin, Bradshaw, Carlton, Caspian, Dalton, Dwayne, Elliot, Everley, Fisk, Forrest, Gardner, Gavin, Hamlet, Howard, Iggy, Irving, Jenner, Justice, Karman, Keaton, Lance, Leigh, March, Matthew, Nelson, Norman, Oliver, Osborn, Patrick, Pierce, Radley, Randall, Shaun, Sinclair, Talbot, Taylor, Ulmer, Ulric, Valiant, Vance, Wade, Walter, Yale, York, Zach, Zebediah

Female: Adeline, Alissa, Bethany, Brittany, Carolyn, Charity, Dawn, Drew, Ember, Evangeline, Faith, Fawn, Glory, Grace, Harmony, Hope, Irisa, Ivy, Janine, Joyce, Kathryn, Kiandra, Leanna, Lesley, Madelyn, Marian, Nancy, Nicki, Odelia, Olivia, Paige, Prudence, Quilla, Raven, Rosemary, Sabriel, Scarlett, Tamera, Temperance, Valarie, Vanessa, Wendy, Wren, Yale, Yeardley, Zara, Zeal

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