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Devourer-kin are often either obscenely obese or so thin as to be anorexic. They are known for voracious appetites and often complain of being so very hungry. Devourer-kin are often a plague upon the house that sires them, constantly eating and never seeming to be sated. As they get older, such kin often attempt to become influential, searching for creature comforts where they can remain in one place and bring sustenance to them. The most successful devourer-kin become rich and lazy, seated in palaces or mansions, with hordes of servants and every treat imaginable available for them at a moment’s call.

Merit (Hunger)

As an Instant Action, the character can draw on their limitless hunger for the Scene. The character can eat anything, regardless of material or size. The character’s stomach becomes an abyss, and the character can bite off and swallow nearly anything that can fit in their mouth. The character’s bite attack becomes Damage (Growth +3), and can bite through anything with a Hardness less than the character’s Physical Attribute. The character ignores Soak, and can even bite incorporeal objects. In addition, the character’s mouth and jaws can stretch, allowing it to swallow whole anything up to two Sizes smaller than it. Once something is devoured, it becomes lost to the Abyss. While this power is active, the character’s teeth become longer, and take on the shape of needles.

Favoured Powers

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