Death Save

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A character who is reduced to 0 Health must make a Death Save. This roll uses the character's maximum Physical Attribute + Might. If the character would be reduced to below 0 Health, their Health is instead kept at 0, and the Difficulty on the Death Save becomes equal to the number of wounds in excess of the character's Health that they suffered. The number of Successes the character rolls indicates how many Rounds the character will live before their injuries kill them. If the character fails their Death Save, they are immediately slain.

A character reduced to 0 Health is rendered unconscious and is dying. It is possible for the character to force themselves to remain conscious by making a Physical + Endurance roll. Each Action the character wishes to make causes them to make a new roll, with the Difficulty increasing by one each time the character must act. If the character fails, they fall unconscious.

A character who is wounded while at 0 Health is immediately slain. Powers such as Regeneration, however, immediately stabilize the character and can prevent the character from dying. If the gains Health from any source, they are immediately stabilized and not at risk of dying.