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"The great Old tales tell of the time when we stood alone, traveling between the deserts, the plains and the mountains. Life was simple then, as we were." -Origin Myth, Excerpt.

Fennec-Fox Humanoids that grew from one of the Old Tribes in the center of Nimby's main continent, the Daisuke are an old people interested in commerce, art, and politics. Utilizing a quick wit, a silver tongue, and the gift of travel in the form of their many horses, it is hard to have not seen one, somewhere. They value art in functionality, and seek to make everything beautiful as well as functional. Nowhere is this as apparant as their capitol, Aki.

Loyal follows of the Aspects of Fukumi, the Daisuke people are true followers of the Aspect of Trade, seeking to improve themselves and their country through peaceful economic means.

Daisuke - Playable Race

Physical Description

The Daisuke is a race of fennec-liked humanoids that stand between four and five feet tall. Women are taller then the men, and they all share an outgoing, friendly personality. Their fur is primarily tan, with some variations lighter and darker. They can range from a brown to a brilliant strawberry blonde. Hairstyles tend to be nordic in fashion, enjoying longer hair to catch the wind as they ride.

Their clothing is light and practical for the warm grasslands they are from, usually made from linen, with the more successful preferring silks. Colors for most are muted and blend in with their environment, with careful attention to detail in construction and embroidery. The most successful Daisuke embellish their family and themselves with decorative clothing from all corners of Nimby, carefully blended with their own love of small details and beauty in harmony.


The basic unit of note for the Daisuke is the family. This usually includes grand parents, the head of household and their mate, any of their seconds, children, and extended relatives. A family owns land together and shares a home together, although in some cases a 'home' may include a sprawling estate, or even just a small tent village when on the road. A member of a family is expected to help out other family members, to follow the Head of Household's decisions, and better the family as a whole.

Individually the Daisuke follow a path of honor not unlike the Carcasonne of Kith Kanaan. Honor and Trust are vital parts of a good merchant, and they carry both in high regard. To dishonor one's self leads to loss of face and reputation, and that alone can ruin any merchant, especially one that deals with people other then their own. As such the giving of one's word is considered a weighty contract. They must strive to carry their own honor, their family's honor, and the Nation's honor. Those that lose all face are usually given the option of taking a Death Walk, to see if one of the Aspects will meet with them and give them a quest to guide them back on the path of honor. If they die, their sacrifice is a celebration of family loyalty. If they survive then the quest given is something that would benefit all Daisuke, and so each family will chip in aid to get the Quester on their feet.

Those Daisuke that are not called by the Path of the Merchant tend to instead gravitate to spiritual pursuits. Usually in the study of the Aspects, and through great amounts of meditation and work towards self-actualization. Through meditation, study, and the practice of experience in all things at the academic level do they seek their enlightenment, for both Aspects of Fukumi are side of a coin of balance. Culturally, the females of the Daisuke are the spiritual leaders and strategists, while the males are the traders and the figureheads. This is however a very individual choice that has no true sex base.

There are two major parts of their culture that are well known. The first is their love of trade, and the second is their partnership with the horses that they grew up with. All Daisuke, after coming of age, are partnered with a horse. In return for their care and devotion to the horse's health and prosperity, they are returned with loyalty and a willingness to do what ever it may take for the best of their partner. As such, where the Daisuke are seen, are also seen their well-cared for horses, on an almost one to one basis.

Origin Myth

We were here first. The great Old tales tell of the time when we stood alone, traveling between the deserts, the plains and the mountains. Life was simple then, as we were. Seeking only to exist we had not yet thought of our future, nor of the other people that would come to live on this great land of Nimby. We sought to explore the lands to find our home each summer, then another each winter, the herds of buffalo were our guide. When they went where we could not go, the land provided food for us in the form of grains.

But life is full of change. The lands changed slowly as did we. When the land grew larger we befriended those that could allow us to move faster; the four legged horses of the plains. We began a bond then, learning from them, with them... they allowed us to settle in the most fertile part of the plains while still following the buffalo. Some of our people rode off, the legends say this is the beginning of the other tribes; those that forgot the way of the traveler and the horse. We knew only peace, and life with the world itself. Until the black one came.

Some say the planet called out and was misheard, other say he was a dark creature from the deepest realm of the shadows come to seek prey in the world of the light. The Aspects call him only the 'Old Dark One', and even they only speak of him with a voice of honor. He brought with him the terrible darkness, darkness that would creep into your very mind while you slept, and eat away at your soul. Our hunters could not hunt, our small fields were tended by few. We sent riders out to all corners of Nimby to see if others had found an answer to the Darkness within. Those riders that returned told only of woe that every person had, even those without the gift of words could tell volumes of the Old Dark One's influence with their very eyes. And so we prayed.

Our words went to the great planet herself, Nimby, asking for a solution or a savior. We were powerless to stop it, and our food stores were beginning to show signs on waning; we could not hold out indefinitely. We received and answer on the second fortnight, carried on the breath of the wind and the burble of the streams. The Old Dark One had disturbed the balance in his ascension to power, and soon a group of people not of this world would be brought to aid us. The words brought hope to our people. Once more our diminishing number of riders were sent out with this word. While those that went out never returned, we know that the others, too, heard the words and gained hope.

Even the great elder was beginning to sag under the pressure of the Old Dark One, when the prophesied Heroes came from afar. They were in different colors and forms, wearing garb of unusual weave and texture. We met the Aspects of Fukumi then, although we didn't know them as who they are now. Fukumi Kyldeer herself introduced us to our saviors, speaking in our own tongue. We invited them all back, and gave them what food we could spare as the Elder conversed with the great Aspects. They had been called, we heard... Nimby had taken our plea to a great space outside of the many realms she possessed to draw them here. Two of them rode off to deal with the Dark Old One head on, while the others worked to make a barrier to protect us from harm. The great sundering occurred then. A massive rift in the plains after the sky lit up and burned. The rolling thunder was louder then any storm, but we could feel it. The darkness was fading from our minds, our hope rekindled anew. Fukumi Kyldeer, our beloved deity, had arranged for our salvation.

Once the Dark Old One had vanished from our minds, the other Gods left us, only Fukumi Kyldeer stayed. He wove darkness as if it were our plaything, and with it created our first town: Aki. Built upon a shrine of his own design, he gave us houses instead of huts, even showed us how to produce water from the ground. Life, she said, is about Balance, and we listened. Where there is dryness, is also water if you look hard enough. Where to is only sun, there is shade that you make yourself. She granted us that day better bodies, weaving her Divine Art to strengthen us and protect us. She saw that we had mastered horses, and granted that our horses and us should never be parted. She gave us the concept of trade, taught our Great Elder the ways of farming, and of better hunting. We learned to speak all the languages that could ever be thought up, and how words could be as mighty a weapon as the Spear, and as great a healer as the most powerful Salve. She stayed with us for our first week without the Old Dark One, to insure that we would prosper. She taught us that death was not an ending, but only the next step on our journey to enlightenment. The interaction of spirits and souls, and many other things we did not understand at the time, but yearned to learn.

From that time forward, we followed Fukumi Kyldeer, the Aspect of Fukumi of Prosperous Trade, Enlightenment, and the Final Journey. Each day that we continue to prosper is in thanks of the Aspects Kyldeer and Koyuki, male and female, husband and wife, each balanced by the other. With their gifts we shall move into the world with eyes open, and our mind on prosperity and wealth for our people.

System Information

The Daisuke are one of the older races of Nimby, fennec-life humanoids that prefer light clothing, and as such tend to rely on social wits and diplomatic interaction rather then direct conflict. For them, growing in renown for trading prowess and quality of goods outweighs combat prowess, although they understand and respect warriors as another part of the balance of the world.

At their coming of age ceremony, which is a great deal to the whole family, they undergo the Rite of Taming, wherein they must find one of the wild horses of the plains to form a bond with through mutual understanding. A Daisuke without a horse has no more pull among their peers then a child.

Racial Bonuses

Stat Bonuses

  • +1 Social

Native Languages

  • Carcasonne
  • Trade

Granted Powers

Favored Powers


  • Horse Tamer: The Daisuke undergo a ritual as a coming of age tradition, finding one of the swift horses that survive in the wild to bond with. Under the open sky, the horse can be summoned or dismissed as an Action, appearing at the side of the master. The Daisuke can spend two (2) Essence to gain (Might) Additional Successes when riding it, or may spend two (2) Essence to heal the horse (Might) Health as an Action. The horse has the normal attributes of a draft horse, but gains Bonus Attributes equal to half of the Daisuke's Attributes. The horse may be trained using Animal Ken.

Sample Horse (Growth 1):
  • Attributes: Mental +1, Physical +5, Social +0, Spiritual +2
  • Size: +5
  • Skills: Awareness +1, Dodge +1, Endurance +3, Search +1, Unarmed +1
  • Talents: Stone Fists
  • Powers: Lope, Resilience, Tireless, Vitality
  • Merit: Beast of Burden (Double normal Bulk Allowance for Carrying)