Crafting Quick Guide

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Crafting Quick Guide

Step 1: What are you crafting?

Take note of Damage/soak/defence, Bulk, Hardness and cost. Some items to be crafted are here;

Special Outfits

Step 2: What size is the object?

Take note of added or reduced bulk and cost, also weapons gains ½ size rounded down to damage. (look at the bottom of the Size page section on size and equipment)

Step 3:What Material are you using?

There are alternate materials to craft with, they will increase the cost and might increase or decrease bulk, damage, soak, defense and give other things to your craft. Read the section on alternate materials carefully.

Check the hardness of the material your using and change it if needed, the hardness will be important later

Step 4: Are you making it Exceptional or flawed?

For Exceptional equipment; you can only put half your crafting level worth of exceptional qualities, unless you take a Poor quality, which allows you to take one extra exceptional.

For every exceptional quality you give to the object you add 2 days to the time it takes to make the object and you add 2 to the difficulty (which until now is 0).

The exceptional qualities are:

  • +1d12 to a specific Skill involving the Object
  • +1 to Soak (for Armour or Entropic Iron Shields)
  • +1 to defense (for Shields)
  • +1 to Damage (for Weapons or shields you intend on attacking with)
  • –1 to Bulk
  • +1 to Hardness
  • Augmentative (The item can be used to augment the use of magic)

For every Poor quality you add; you reduce the time by 1 day and you reduce the difficulty by 1.

The Poor qualities are:

  • –1d12 to a specific Skill involving the Object.
  • –1 to Soak (for Armour)
  • –2 to Defence (for Shields)
  • –1 to Damage (for Weapons)
  • +1 to Bulk
  • –1 to Hardness
  • Disruptive (The item disrupts magic)

Step 5: Time and Cost.

Time: This is where the Hardness comes back in.

1. Time in days is twice the hardness.
2. Add any modifiers due to exceptional or poor qualities
3. If you have Retainers that are specialized in your craft they reduce the time by 2 days each. You can only have a number of Retainers on the job equal to your craft skill or half your weapon or profession skill (rounded up)
4. You may wish to reduce the crafting time, but for every day less you take you increase the difficulty on the roll by 1. (You can only Reduce the time by your craft skill or Endurance skill (+ your growth if you have tireless)or half you profession skill or weapon/shield skill.

Cost: you reduce the cost of crafting the object by your profession skill or half your craft or weapon skill (rounded up)

Step 6: Multiple projects

Always, Always do this if possible, You increase the difficulty and craft time by 1 each for every copy you make up to your craft skill or half your profession or weapons skill (rounded up). You may not make profit making the object for the PC but you will selling to the NPCs.

The dreaded dice.

Ok, time to tally everything up and check on the dice rolls. Once you got your Damage/Soak/Def and other special qualities, your bulk, your hardness, your cost, the time it will take to make the item, how many your making and the difficulty your ready to think about the dice.

Your essentially rolling your Physical+craft but its never that easy.

Ways to gain extra leverage:

  • Spend one essence, it gives you 3d12 (you can do this for any roll you make)
  • Your first retainer count as tools in case of giving you bonus dice. Your first tool gives you +2d12 or if it is exceptional (like those you get from your resources at Chargen) it gives you +3d12 and all tools after the first give +1d12 (remember you have a limit of your craft skill or half profession or weapon skill on how many helpers can work on the object.)
  • The Talent ‘Craftsman’ gives you your growth worth of dice on all craft rolls
  • The Talent ‘Master worker’ allows you to double the time in days to gain additional successes equal to your growth on the roll and you may also add an extra exceptional quality at no extra cost.
  • There are always others things that may end up helping you that are not listed here, like the bonus or your growth worth of successes on all rolls from the peacekeepers.

Make your roll and the number of successes you get reduces the cost you have to pay, the minimum cost of for the object is equal to the base cost minus your profession/half craft/half weapons divided by 3.


Example Growth 1 PC with Physical 4, Craft 4, Business 3, Profession 3, 3 EX Henchmen/ helpers/ hirelings and the Craftsman Talent.

Step 1: Morning Star; damage 5, bulk 3, hardness 7, cost 4 Step 2: Size 3, thus +1 cost, +2 bulk, +1 Damage (now damage 6, bulk 5, hardness 7, cost 5)

Step 3: Making it oricalcum, cost +4, bulk +2, damage +2, hardness becomes 10 and ignores soak of indeed or infernal. (now damage 8, bulk 7, hardness 10, cost 9)

Step 4: +1d12 to Impact skill thus +2 days, +2 difficulty (now days +2 and difficulty +2)

Step 5: hardness 10, 3 helpers, one exceptional quality thus 10*2-(3*2)+2=16 days. Cost is 9, profession is 3, thus 9-3=6 cost (now damage 8, bulk 7, hardness 10, cost 6, days 16, difficulty 2)

Step 6: I will make 3 of them total, so that’s +2 days +2 difficulty (now damage 8, bulk 7, hardness 10, cost 6, days 18, difficulty 4)

The Dreaded Dice ok so I have damage 8, bulk 7, hardness 10, cost 6, days 18, difficulty 4, with +1d12 to attack rolls and ignores undead and infernal soak.

Hmmmm 18 days, lets make is 2 less to 16 days and add on 2 difficulty because of it, making the difficulty 6 and the time 16. (Now damage 8, bulk 7, hardness 10, cost 6, days 16, difficulty 6)

Roll physical(4)+craft(4)+3d12(from one essence)+3d12(from first helper)+2d12(from other 2 helpers)+1d12(for craftsman)!6(difficulty 6) or roll physical+craft+9d12!6

This will give you about 6 successes and would reduce the cost to 0, but 1/3 of 6 is 2, so you pay 2 resources and spend 16 days making 3 oricalcum morning stars, each with Damage 8, bulk 7, hardness 10, with +1d12 to attack and that ignores undead and infernl soak.

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