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Corinne Tagekinn

Corinne claims to have come from some distant continent over an ocean. One no one has ever heard of. She left there on an ocean voyage, and her ship was caught in a storm. She washed up on the shores of Kith Kanaan. Whether that is true, or if Corinne is somewhat... confused, in practical terms she has spent almost 15 years living in the Northern Wilds, near the Wold, in a semi-hermitlike existance. Before that, she did live in the Shire for several years, but that was when it was still a bucholic backwater, not the small city it has become. She's still a bit overwhelmed by the masses of people.

Corinne has come back to the Shire because she had what she thinks are prophetic dreams. Nightmares, really. Nightmares of buildings burning, nightmares of armies storming through city streets, nightmares of civilians being slaughtered. She sensed somehow that these terrible dreams involved the Shire, so after so many years away, she returned to the lands she once called home. She doesn't really know what she can do about it, or even what exactly is going to happen, but she feels she needs to try to warn of what she's seen. When she figures it out, anyway. She's still working on that.

Corinne is physically strong, exceptionally so for a 'normal' fur without magical or supernatural advantages. What she is not is a deep thinker, she tends to take people and situations at face value, as long as it makes some sense. She recognizes this lack on her part, though, and tries to associate herself with people of intellect whenever possible. Not that she doesn't enjoy being around those who prefer to beat on a problem until something breaks; she's like that herself. However, she does not suffer fools, not gladly, not at all. She has had to do enough of that in her past. One advantage of being a hermit in the Wild was not having to deal with idiots; not many of them survive in the Wild.

Corinne was raised in a minor noble house, one that at least gave lip service to the idea of 'noblesse oblige', that the powerful were responsible for protecting the weak. Some of her brothers didn't get the message, but she did. It drove her to become a knight, it drove her travel from one end of the known world to the other helping those she could, it has now led her back to civilization when all she wanted was to be alone in her misery.

Corinne is basically a simple creature, enjoying good, if simple, food and drink, and spending time with her friends. However, she is a great deal more withdrawn than she was in her youth. Having had love and family, and then literaly losing it all, has made her wary of getting close to anyone. She is also far less openly affectionate (read: yiffy) than she was in her twenties, a byproduct of her emotional distance. When she does let herself go this way, she still holds herself at a distance emotionally even as she 'gets physical.'

In a different sense of physical, she enjoys the physical release of combat, especially non-lethal combat. That is one reason she has primarily used a quarterstaff for years. The other reason is that it's rather easy to locate big sticks in the Wild.

The one thing that can definitely cause her to lose her temper is when innocents are harmed or threatened, especially if the innocents are children.

Corinne is a literal outsider; she came from a distant land, as best she can determine in another plane of reality, similar to Rym. Unlike Rym, the portal is apparently somewhere out in the middle of the ocean, so she has no way to ever go back. Likewise, her gods do not seem to exist here. She believes the gods exist, of course, but does not worship them. She does not belittle anyone else's beliefs, though.

Since she lost her family, Corinne has nothing she values enough to sacrifice her life for. However, since she returned from the Wild, she has been spending quite a bit of time in Hawk's Freehold. She's found people there she respects, trying to carve a home for themselves out of the wilderness, and thinks she wants to help.

Corinne's mate died twenty years ago. A year after that, she got it into her head that he was in some way still out there, despite the fact that she was present at his cremation, and decided she needed to go off and search for him. She left her cubs in the care of a friendly matron of her acquaintance and spent over a year searching. However, before she returned to the Shire, the friend died, and her cubs were placed in another family's care. That family shortly moved. By the time Corinne returned, they were long since gone. The only information she could glean was that they had headed 'north'. She immediately set out to find them. She spent the next three years scouring the northern lands for her cubs, then the south, then the north AGAIN, finding only frustration. Finally, she lost hope, and settled down in the Wilds, keeping to herself.

When last she saw her cubs, her daughter Greitchaan (Greta for short) was petite and delicate, even for a fox, taking after her equally small even-for-a-fox father. Most of her fur was blue-black, except for 'socks' and 'gloves' of light grey. The very tip of her tail was also light grey, along with her face. Her headfur was red, rather bright compared to her dark fur. her eyes were a brilliant blue. Greta had an aggressive, volatile personality, even as a cub, taking after her mother in that, and was fiercely protective of her brother.

Aerick favored his canid heritage, and was large even for a cub his age, favoring Corinne's brothers, all of whom were large among wolves. His fur was not the standard wolf coloration; rather, he had smooth (short-furred) collie markings, black over the back and shoulders, down to his bushy, almost fox-like tail. He had light grey down his muzzle and chest where a standard collie would have white fur. There were some slight dark reddish-brown highlights around the ears and eyes. His headfur was jet-black, and if worn long would have been absolutely straight, taking after his father. His eyes were a deep amber, almost gold. While physically strong, Aerick was a gentle soul, sensitive and peaceful. Unless someone threatened his sister.

Corinne is, in her way, quite well-mannered. She was raised in a noble household, albiet of the lowest levels of nobility, and was, herself, an illegitimate child, but she was raised as a noble. However, as the seventh of eight children, and with no marriage potential (at least of a political nature that would benefit the family), she was allowed to grow up as something of a tomboy. However, she does know how to behave in 'proper' society. Thus, if she does not do so, it's probably intentional.

Corinne worships a pantheon of deities no one in these lands has ever heard of. However, she has no problem with the Arin or Rymnian pantheons, she claims they remind her of the gods she worshipped in her past. Though they are a bit more 'distant', as she claims that she personally encountered several dieties, of her own pantheon and others. She really doesn't 'get' the Joshuite church, the whole 'one god' thing being hard for her to swallow, but doesn't argue with those who do believe, either. The Celestial Court... well, she tries not to go there. She has issues, personal ones, involving her late mate, and his death under mysterious circumstances.

She currently belongs to no order, as she's been something of a hermit for the past decade or so. In her youth, in her homeland, she belonged to a knightly order devoted to her pantheon's God of War and Justice. There were a number of times she did what she thought was right, not necessarily what the elders of the Order wanted. In similar circumstances, she would likely do the same now.

Corinne has no trouble with magic or mental abilities, though she has neither sort of power herself. The misuse of those powers, yes, she has a problem with that, but the existance of them she has no doubt of or problem with. As for where those powers come from, she generally tries NOT to think about it, it gives her a headache.

For more than a decade, Corinne has been living in the Northern Wilds in a hermitlike existance. What few needs she could not satisfy with foraging and hunting, she covered by trapping, selling rare furs in the Wold. Since returning to civilization, she has been living on the proceeds of the last sale. Since her needs are very basic, the gold should last quite a while.