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Muck Address

Here is the address for the muck. It is hard to find elsewhere, so I( not anyone major in the muck) have decided to make it somewhat easier to find., port 8888

RP Commands

Dice/Combat/System Commands

  • +roll <Attribute>+<Skill>+#D12+Automatic Successes!Difficulty: Rolls dice using the inserted attribute and skill. The other items are option and will add bonus D12's or automatic successes from gifts or talents.
  • +prove <stat/skill>: Proves that you posses a skill or stat and it's level. This is usefully when you are hiding your sheet. The names used are case sensitive.
  • +adjust <stat>=<adjustment>: Allows you to adjust your stats for various game functions. e.x. You spend 2 Mana to use a power, you would do +adjust mana=-2 to show this change.
  • +set <stat>=<value>: Works the same as +adjust but sets the stat to the value rather than reducing it by the number specified. e.x. Your physical is reduced to 1 due to a disease. +set Physical=1 will set it to 1 rather than adding 1 to it as +adjust would.
  • +tc: Time Cube is the mucks initiative system.
    • +init: Start a new round
    • +tc: Display the status of the current round
    • +sac #=<reason>: Sacrifice an action for <reason>
    • +dec #=<info>: Declare an action in advance
    • +atc <amount>: Adjusts your initiative by <amount>
    • +next: Finish your turn and go onto the next person
    • +act <#>: Manually set to that action number
  • +reset: Resets your sheet to it's base levels, this should not be done unless an RP staff or wizard asks you to.
  • pinfo: Allows you to store information regarding your characters history, equipment and other Out of character notes you wish to store.
  • +bb: Notice Board Commands
    • +bbread - This will list all of the boards you are subscribed to.
    • +bbread [#] - List all of the messages on board [#].
    • +bbread [#]/[#2] - Read message [#2] on bard [#].
    • +bbpost [#] - Post a message to board [#].
    • +bbedit [#]/[#2] - Edit message [#]/[#2] if it is yours.
    • +bbremove [#]/[#2] - Remove [#]/[#2] if you wrote it.
  • +poll/command: creates, and allows voting on polls
    • /list: List all polls
    • /view: Read a poll
    • /vote: Submit a vote/answer
    • /add: Add a new poll
    • /del: Remove a poll <WIZ>
    • /sanfix: Sanity fix a poll <Re
    • /closed: Show all closed polls
    • /cview: View a closed poll
  • wiki <page>: Displays the specified page of the wiki in the muck. so to view this page you would type wiki Commands.

Character Commands

  • Chargen: Enters the character generation system.
  • @aup: Shows the acceptable use policy and allows you to agree to it's terms. You must do this to submit your character for approval.
  • sheet <character name>: Displays your sheet or the sheet of the character who's name you include in the command. Please note sheets can be hidden from normal player view, but not from staff.
    • sheet #public: Sets your sheet to be viewable to all.
    • sheet #private: Sets your sheet to be only visible to yourself and staff, others will receive a message that you have chosen to keep your sheet private.

Muck Commands

  • editplayer: Allows you to edit your characters stats such as race gender and Description.
  • wa:Where are, this command will show you who is online and where they are located
  • ws:Who Species, this command will show you the species of every character in the room with you.
  • l <character>:Look, this command will look at the specified character. If you just type 'l' you will see the room description again.
  • @set: Sets Various Display and Character Properties

@set me=sdesc:<text> sets the short description field for 'whospe'.
@set me=%n:<text> sets how you name appears when doing OOC messages and posing to the public boards.

  • @who: who #info <text> Use 'who' for filling out your Racial species if there is something important to it. (Like if you're an Elemental,etc)

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