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Discretionary Points

Every character begins with 100 DP Discretionary Points which is used to create the character. As the character interacts with the setting, they will gain more DP which can be used to improve the character over time.

Character Creation Walkthrough

  • Enter 'Chargen' and press enter, this takes you into the Character generation program.
  • Enter '1' and press enter, select your Nationality and Allegiances.
  • Enter '2' and press enter if you want to purchase a Race other than mundane. The base cost for a Race other than Mundane is 40 DP, but if the character is from a Nation approved for the Race, the cost is reduced to 20 DP. Race is not required.
  • Enter '3' and press enter to pick your Attributes. For starting Attributes, you prioritize 3,2,1,1 based on the order you choose initially. (So for example, if you pick MEN PHY SOC SPI, your attributes would be MEN:3 PHY:2 SOC:1 SPI:1)
  • Enter '4' and press enter to select your Skills. As with attributes you are able to select 5 skills (using the corresponding number in the list) the skills are giving a rating of 4,3,2,1,1 in the same way Attributes are.
  • Once this is completed, you can use '6' & '7' to set your Size and Resources.
  • Orders, Magic, Powers and Talents can be purchased using your DP.
  • If you wish to raise your Skills or Attributes, or to purchase Skills beyond the initial ones, enter '.' and press enter. This will take you to PC mode which allows you to purchase Skills and Attributes plus the other Traits that can be improved using DP. Nation, Race and Size can not be changed once your character has been approved. We also recommend that you purchase 'Trade' as one of your languages, otherwise you will be unable to speak to a large majority of the furs in the shire, the area where the game takes place.

Checklist for Character Creation

  • Nationality A character must have a Nationality. The Nationality chosen by the player determines which attribute bonuses the character has, and what discounts the character gains for Psionics, Sorcery, and Races, if any.
  • Race A character must have a Race. The four choices are Bloodline, Mythic, Mundane, or Outsider. The base cost for a Race other than Mundane is 40 DP, but if the character is from a Nation approved for the Race, the cost is reduced to 20 DP. Certain Races grant Powers upon choosing them, while all Races other than Mundane grant a discount for Powers.

  • Allegiances Where the character’s loyalties lie. Specifically, which nation or order the character has given their loyalties to, and which nation or order supports them. This is not mandatory, the character could not hold any particular loyalties, and not expect any loyalty from anyone else.
  • Faith Which religion the character follows and has faith in. This is not the same as having access to Miracles, but instead represents the character’s religious beliefs. The vast majority of the population follows Joshuism. The character may choose None, which indicates the character does not follow any particular faith. This is not the same as athiesm, which does not exist on FurryFaire.
  • Order The Order the character has joined. This is not mandatory. Orders are secret societies, religious orders, cults, and military or political groups within Kith Kanaan. Each Order grants access to Abilities, and gives a minor bonus to a single Skill. Orders cost 10 DP to take, and the character may join multiple Orders as long as they do not conflict.
  • DP How many Discretionary Points the character has gained, and how many are left unspent.
  • Growth The relative power of the character. Growth is ranked from 1 to 7. The numbers in brackets indicate how much DP has been spent to increase Growth (by increasing Attributes and Skills), and how much is needed for the character’s Growth to increase to the next level.

Traits are calculated automatically as the character sheet is filled out. The only two Traits which are chosen specifically by the player are Resources and Size. Everything else is adjusted automatically without player assistance.

NOTE: Attributes increases the maximum without adding to the value it is currently. Thus when you buy them they come already damaged. In order to get the proper values for all traits during/after chargen you must exit the sheet program and use +reset twice.