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The C'Tha

Creation Myth

Purpose is what created our Viscl brothers. It is a similar purpose which brought about the tribe of the C'tha. Our purpose was to be a gift to the world as a whole, not just to the people of the cold northern mountains.

It is told that the old shaman of the Kiyrie tribe spoke to Kree Sah'la and asked that she help them to grow stronger and wiser so that they may seek out the other tribes of the world once their bodies finished changing. She gave him only a blessing and a promise that she would help, but strength and wisdom come with time and practice, not by the will of another.

With the blessing and promise given, Kree Sah'la went into the forest and walked until she found herself beside a river and looked into the water to view her own reflection. Many were already becoming like her and she wished prevent any further change to happen to the ones who had taken her in and made her one of their own.

As she watched the fish in the water, Kree Sah'la felt the tug of forces beyond her knowledge and felt the pulsing of the green around her. In answer, she opened her arms and called the forces to her, gathering to her the Green vines and strong trees in flower. The songbirds fueled her creative fire as the trees and vines were wound together into the first C'tha.

The breath of the First was filled with the fresh air of the forest while his mind was filled with the knowledge of the Green and the secrets of the wood. Others began to breath and grow from his first steps and they, too, began to know of the Balance that is Nature's Ways. She gave them the shape of a forest feline and set them apart with the spark of curiosity and creativity as their blessings.

She gave them the task to learn how to use the world around them and keep the tribes strong and healthy. She gave them a link to the Green so they may help all. With the wisdom of the wood in his grasp, the First one asked that she bless them only once and she agreed.

Their first task came soon after breathing their first breaths when sickness fell upon the mountain tribes. With their aid, the C'tha found the knowledge they needed within themselves to help keep them alive and bolster the strength of the others until the illness had passed. The C'tha found their purpose quickly and grow with it as the Green grows with the Mountain.


C'tha are a feline race whose appearance is much the same as the lynx. They traditionally populate the middle regions of Giai'Shar, living south of the mountains and the evergreen woods and closer to the deep forests. They have tall ears which end in black tufts, and stripes which cover the back of their arms, gathering at the spine, then runs down the spine to spread out along the sides and front of the legs. The rest of the body is covered in spotty patches. Most C'Tha fur is gray with a cream undercoat and black markings.


The C'tha have an innate curiosity, and from childhood are prone to exploration and study of the world around them. They like to know how things work, be it the strange devices which come from other nations, the people about them, or the way the world works. Adults tend to remain close to their tribal territory, but during their teenage years a C'tha gains the urge to wander. Such C'tha often wander to other tribes, learning from the C'tha that live in these tribes and explore the nation itself to gain lore and skill. In their mid-to-late teens, this urge fades, and the C'tha usually settles with the tribe they are currently visiting or return home.


The C'tha are often masters of herbalism and medicine, having spent time studying the flora of the land and perfecting their understanding of the property of plants. The C'tha are remarkable crafters, constantly perfecting the design of the spear, and have invented the atlatl (the spear-thrower) which can double as a boomerang (see below).

Lifespan and Fertility:

The C'tha lifespan is roughly 160 years if kept healthy. Most C'tha families bear two children during their life, keeping the population roughly even. The C'tha have the lowest population among the Giai'Shar. The C'tha give birth only once and more often than not to twins. This slow rate of growth makes them the smallest of the tribes.

Weapons and Armor

C'tha Spear

The C'tha Spear is a short spear crafted by the C'tha. It is almost five feet in length, and is balanced for use with the atlatl. The head is crafted of beaten bronze or shaped stone, and the tail often has fletching to help it twirl in flight. This is considered to be a hunting weapon.

  • Damage: 4
  • Hardness: 5
  • Bulk: 2
  • Cost: 8
  • Weight: Light
  • Notes: 30 Yards, 2-Handed Optional, Impaling

C'tha Atlatl

This spear thrower was designed to also double as a boomerang, allowing the C'tha to throw their spear vast distances, and still have a melee and short-ranged weapon. The atlatl is considered to be a hunting weapon. When a spear is thrown using the atlatl, the range is treated as double and uses the Thrown Skill rather than the Pole Skill.

  • Damage: 3
  • Hardness: 4
  • Bulk: 1
  • Cost: 6
  • Weight: Light
  • Notes: 10 Yards, Stunning