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Income Skill, Social Skill The Skill to understand the principles behind conducting a business. This Skill also gives the character the ability to know the current price of items on the market, how to haggle, and how to determine what the quality of an item is before purchasing it.

Discern Quality The character spends a Full Round Action to look over an item and makes a roll using their Mental + Business. If someone is attempting to distract them, the Difficulty is equal to the Resolve of the distraction. For each Success rolled, the character learns one Quality of the object being purchased.

Economic Warfare The character attempts to ruin an opponent economically. This is a Results Roll, and takes a number of hours equal to the Difficulty. The Potency is split between the Difficulty increase for the target’s Business and Resource Rolls, and the duration, in days. Resources may be used on this roll.

Setting Up a Full Business For full rules on established businesses as Resource modifiers, see Running_a_Business. This is not required for other uses of the Business skill or for a business to exist ICly, only for it to give bonuses.

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