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Deity: Arion (Most Places), Silverhawk (Aregon)
Aliases: The Hermit, Judgement, The Traveller.
Titles: Opener of the Ways (Anansie). The Destroyer (Reclaimers). Destiny or Fate.
Holy Times: Summer. Solar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse.
Holy Signs: The numbers 5 and 9. The colours Silver, Blue, or Gold. Lightning.
Holy Weapons: The Quarterstaff, Long Sword, Javelin, Bow, and Spear.
Familiars: Hawk, Raven, Falcon, Stag
Quote: “Every journey begins with but a single step.”


The legend of Arion and Sanguine is the legend of the dawn of Creation. This legend is the foundation of the belief of the Brotherhood of the Book and the Sisterhood of the Blade. The Brotherhood of the Book revere Arion as the embodiment of Judgement, while the Sisterhood revere Sanguine as the embodiment of the transition between Life and Death, Birth and Rebirth.


The Brotherhood of the Book are the recorders of history. It is their place to observe the events that go on around them, and scribe everything down so that when Judgement is called again, they will have the history of the world presented for Arion, that he can judge their works, and that the world will be remembered. Their temples are libraries rich in the history of the world, constantly being added to as the Oracles leave to record events of the past and present.

The order records anything of interest, and with their ability to glimpse the future, they are fairly aware of what events are important to record, even if they seem trivial in the present. A simple heated exchange could lead to a family feud which spans generations, and the Oracles would record each step along the way.


  • The destruction of knowledge is wrong.
  • Knowledge comes to those who search for it.
  • Arion is the creator of the world, but he is not its keeper.
  • Mortals hold destiny in their hands, and it is their role to shape the world.
  • Raise a weapon only to defend. Each death removes a tale from the world.

The Oracles of Arion

Skills: Lore, Occultism
Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 10
Region: Drachen
Titles: Acolyte, Brother/Sister

Oracle Symbol: A Silver Rose on a Cobalt Field

Roleplaying Oracles

The Brotherhood of the Book are dedicated to recording a detailed and accurate history of events for when Arion comes to call Judgement on the world. They are historians, attempting to keep an unbiased record of every event of importance. Their libraries hold accounts of every secret and every event performed. This has made them respected by scholars and those who seek wisdom, but reviled and hated by those who hold dark secrets and value the power of fear and anonymity.

Oracles attempt their best to be neutral in the events of the world, observing each event to be recorded, but while this is a constant goal, they are decided not neutral when it comes to the long term. They wish for society to continue, and they wish to be present to watch as it does. As such, they are not above nudging events along when necessary, offering cryptic clues to what could be done. Their books are accessible to anyone who wishes to come in, and depending on how much the information would help their goals, the order has been known to leave the right book open in the right place for when an inquisitive person enters the library to ask for assistance.

It is important to remember that the Oracles do see the future, as Arion is the god of Destiny. The leaders within the order are fully aware of each member of their faith, and what important actions will be taken by them. Someone who is selfish, abusive, or corrupt will never be accepted into the order, and neither is one who would risk the future of the order or of society for what they consider righteous causes.

Orders Abilities

Know Fate (Oracle Miracle)

Neutral Observer (Oracle Miracle)

By spending 2 Essence and an Instant Action, the character can remain overlooked for a number of Rounds equal to the character's Growth, plus one for every success on a Social + Meditation roll. This Ability remains in effect as long as the Oracle performs no hostile or blatant actions. The character can, however, open doors to pass through, pocket things laying on a table, or other small, subtle actions, but blatant actions such as throwing objects across a room or steal something from a peron's pockets.

Sojourn (Oracle Miracle)

By spending 2 Essence and an Action, the character can augment their ability to travel. The character and those they choose are gifted with an increase in Speed for as long as the Oracle is willing to sacrifice all Actions. The character can choose a number of people or vehicles equal to their Might to be augmented. Anyone who moves further away than the Oracle’s Growth x 10 yards loses the benefits of this Ability. For the duration, the Speed of the fasted individual chosen is multiplied by their Growth, and all other chosen individuals are granted the same Speed. This effect ends at the end of any Scene the Oracle chooses to not sacrifice their Actions, or when the character ends the effect.

Will of the Weaver (Oracle Miracle)

The Oracle spends 2 Essence and 2 Health to call upon the divine spark within them to strengthen the Tapestry and remove any influence to it that should not be a part of the Tapestry. The character rolls Spiritual + Integrity as a Passive Roll to set the Potency of this Ability as they repair and strengthen the Tapestry, moving the threads back into their original alignment. The Oracle influences a region equal to the Oracle’s (Growth + Successes) x 10 yards. Any Entity or Spirit in the region whose Resolve is less than the Potency of this effect can not use their Powers or Merits to influence the physical world. In addition, Spells lose a number of Successes equal to the Potency of the Effect. The Ability remains active for a number of days equal to the Oracle’s Growth.

The Shield Maidens

Skills: Awareness, Sheild
Status: Public, Religious
Resources: 16
Region: Drachen
Titles: Acolyte, Brother/Sister

Shield Maiden Symbol: Two White Swords Crossed On A Red Field

Roleplaying Shield Maidens

Shield Maidens are the bodyguards of the Oracles. During the period of 5 AE to 25 AE, assassination attempts were made on the more powerful Oracles of the Brotherhood. More militant members of the Brotherhood desired a chance to strike back at these enemies, and over the next decade a back-and-forth struggle began between the Brotherhood and the agents of the Demon known as Ravana, who had followed the followers of Yahweh to Kith Kanaan. By 35 AE, the attacks on the Brotherhood began to decline, as the Oracles put their divinatory powers to the test to seek out the havens of their attackers. The Brothers who took up the blade discovered they had lost their gift for divination, but had instead turned their faith to other uses instead. This group became known as the Shield Maidens, and devoted themselves to protecting Oracles from harm. Most Oracles have one Shield Maiden, who often become close friends or even lovers to their dependants.

Shield Maidens are the sworn protectors of the Oracles, watching over them as they travel Kith Kanaan and scribe events that play out. Oracles tend not to have many friends or much companionship, and the Shield Maidens often fill in the role of friend, confidant, and sometimes lover for the Oracles. In spite of the order being called a brotherhood and this group called maidens, neither role is gender-specific. There can just as easily be a shield brother if the need is required.

Orders Abilities

Increased Health (Shield Bearer Ritual)

The Shield Bearer can touch the symbol of their faith that hangs around their neck and spend 2 Essence as an Instant Action. For the rest of the Scene, the character can reduce the amount of Wounds they suffer by spending Essence. Each point of Essence spent reduces the number of Wounds inflicted by the character’s Growth. In addition, if the character performs the ritual as a Full Round Action, the character also gains Soak equal to the number of (Actions Sacrificed + Might) for the Scene.

Paragon (Shield Bearer Ritual)

The Shield Bearer can touch the symbol of their faith that hangs around their neck and spend 4 Essence as an Action. For the rest of the Scene, the character may choose to replace the Damage of their attacks with their Might or increase the Damage of weapons they are using by (Half Growth). During this time, any roll made which would target the character’s Resolve Trait has the number of Successes reduced by the character’s Growth. In addition, if the character performs the ritual as a Full Round Action, the character also heals a number of Wounds equal to the number of (Actions Sacrificed + Might).

Sworn Oath (Shield Bearer Ritual)

The character spends an hour preparing themselves as a guardian for an individual. The individual must be present for the ritual. The character spends 4 Essence at the end of the hour. Until the individual releases the character, or the character performs the ritual for someone else, this Ability provides the following benefits: The Shield Bearer always can tell what direction the individual is and how far away the chosen individual is. They can tell how much Health the individual currently has and the state of health the individual is in. As a Free Action, the character can sacrifice Health to heal the individual. For every point of Health sacrificed, the target heals an amount of Health equal to the character’s (Half Growth + 1). Performing a Guard Techniques to protect the individual is always a Free Action, and the character’s counter-attack can always be done as a Free Action. In addition, if the character performs the ritual as a day-long ritual, the character’s Growth is considered three higher for all aspects of this Ability.
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