Blood of the Dragon

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  • Status: Private
  • Skills: Unarmed, Presence
  • Influence: Draconian
  • Restriction: Must be Draconian, but can not have any other racial influence.
  • Description: The oldest and deepest roots of power, knowledge and time are all traced back to the three great wyrms. These dragons of epic scale and power did much to start the shaping of making the lands what they are this day, and there are still some with their blood flowing in their veins. Blood that is stronger then the typical mortal fare. Those that undergo the trials and seek to purify their blood can tap into more of that power.



  • Type: Investment
  • Description: The Noble Dragons created the draconian race to rule over all other races within Kith Kanaan. Upon gaining this Ability, the Draconian learns how to draw upon the ability to command and bind others to her will as a thrall. As the Draconian refines this Ability, they can make more powerful Thralls.

Growth 1

  • Description: The Draconian gains (Might x 2) Retainers as permanent Thralls. These Retainers have (Growth) Exceptional Traits and are absolutely loyal to the Draconian. As such, outside attempts to control or influence the Retainers lose (Growth) Successes. If a Retainer is lost, it can be replaced with a new Retainer.

Growth 3

  • Description: The Draconian gains (Might) Additional Successes when using Presence. By spending 2 Essence, this becomes Bonus Dice when performing Conditioning or Seduction Rolls. The Draconian may use Presence in place of Streetwise or Criminal for gathering temporary Retainers, and may spend the Essence for Bonus Dice rather than Additional Successes. Using this Ability, the Draconian usually uses an elemental focus as part of the conditioning, as a symbolic essence of themselves. A dragon may use fire or smoke to wash over the subject, or may use small zaps of lightning or ice. A Thrall created in this fashion has the same protection against outside influence as listed under Growth 1, and the maximum number of enthralled Retainers doubles (making a total of Might x 4 Retainers).

Growth 5

  • Description: The Draconian's Powers for control are augmented. If the Draconian has Vulnerability, the effect is increased to (Might x 2). For Beckon and Entrancement, the Draconian adds (Might) Bonus Dice to rolls to use these Powers. The number of enthralled Retainers the Draconian has from Growth 1 doubles again (making a total of Might x 8 Retainers).

Growth 7

  • Description: The Draconian becomes a true master of her thralls. At this level, the Draconian has constant telepathic contact with every thrall she owns, and can give a mental command to any or all of them as a Free Action. She is constantly aware of their circumstances and what they are experiencing. In addition, the Draconian doubles the number of enthralled Retainers she may have from Growth 1 (making it a total of 160 enthralled Retainers).

Font of Power

  • Description: The Draconian must choose one Spell Effect as a power focus. The Draconian may manifest this Effect as a normal Sorcerer, and may inflict the Effect with their normal Unarmed and Dragon Breath attacks at (Might) Potency. In addition, damage from an Effect of the same Type is reduced by (Might) Potency or Wounds. This protection adds to things such as Tolerance and Invulnerability. In addition, the Draconian gains the following benefits:

Growth 1

  • Description: The Draconian's life span is multiplied by (Might), meaning that without Longevity, a Growth 1 Draconian can live to 320 years. If the Draconian takes Longevity, the bonuses are added together (so a Growth 1 Draconian will live to 640 years). The Draconian's growth rate and maturity slow down as well.
  • In addition, the Draconian feels the beginning need to hoard. Possessions and wealth add to the Draconian's confidence and force of will. The Draconian adds their current Resources as Additional Successes on all Social Rolls.

Growth 4

  • Description: The Draconian gains one Alternate Form, as if they had Growth 1 and the Transform Power. If the Draconian has Transform, the number of Forms the Draconian has access to doubles.
  • In addition, the Draconian can now shape the element of their Spell Effect. The Draconian manifests the Effect, and can have it inflict (Might) Damage, Shield Deflection, or Armour Soak, have (Might) Hardness, or transform up to (Might + Size) Size. The shape and substance of the effect must be appropriate to the effect type - Fire will not have Hardness or Soak, for example, but can have Size and Damage.

Growth 7

  • Description: The Draconian may spend 50 DP to become a True Dragon, gaining the appropriate Attribute and Skill bonuses as well as the natural Powers and Merits of a True Dragon. The Dragon is not limited to Growth 7.