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Race: Cepn, Destroyer, Unicorn
Action: Free Action
Duration: (Growth) Rounds (Effect)
Essence: 2
Increases: 1, 4, 7

The character’s attacks leave open and terrible wounds which continue to bleed. The victim loses one Health at the beginning of each Round after the attack has been inflicted. This loss is automatic and is not Soaked. This Health loss continues for a number of Rounds equal to the character’s Might. Successive attacks do not inflict cumulative Health loss, but reset the duration for how long this Power remains in effect. At Growth 4, the victim loses two Health per Round. At Growth 7, the victim loses three Health per Round. A Mental + Medicine roll can be made to stop the bleeding as a Full Round Action. The Difficulty of this roll is equal to the character’s Growth. Each Success reduces the duration of the effect by one Round.

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