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The Beliel, often called monsters by those who have never seen them before, are quite a unique race all on their own. They're one of few sentient quadrupedal races. They are more or less, giant lizards, standing anywhere on average around seven feet tall to shoulders. Their styles can vary, some may have sails, others may have spikes, and some may even have horns. The reasoning behind these different, and often random changes is unknown. The scale patterns and textures of the Beliel also can vary, though usually sway near darker colors. Greens, blues, and oranges are the typical colors. They have been seen to have stripes, multiple colors, Or other unique designs. They're naturally strong creatures, but this does not make them dense. In fact, they are quite intelligent, and curious beings. They are known to be rather docile most of the time, passively hostile to strangers unless truly angered. They're not ignorant of the outside world, just simply have little desire to experience it.

For dwellings, they carve their homes right into the the side of the giant caves they create. A typical Beliel 'village' usually consists of homes caved into the sides of huge cave openings. The homes are built rather close to each other side by side, and also descend down in tiered fashion surrounding one focal point. This point doesn't always need to be something important, but often is. By harvesting and making use of the different types of sustenance that the Gardeners provide, they furnish and even light their homes with natural fungi and plants, making for quite the interesting display. Their methods of lighting usually are rather dim, and differentiate in color of all varieties.

The society of the Beliel is one based mainly on strength. Duels are often the way of settling differences and grudges, though they are rarely allowed to result in the death of another. However the loser is often shamed and outcast for some time until some manner of redemption has been performed. Although the Beliel communicate mainly by word of mouth, in their own unique language, they have another major method of communication. This is done by scent. The Beliel have the unique ability to leave, sometimes rather in depth messages using scent. This is done mostly by the tunnelers, which is a main reason why they work so well together, without necessarily all working at the same time. Laziness and uselessness is not tolerated amongst the Beliel, and those who are are punished severely. Sometimes this torment can last years, until a better use of them has been found, however it also rarely ends in death. The need for survival, and the innate paranoia of war drives these beasts on in their endeavors. Since they are are rather isolated race, they generally are a very unified culture.

Full-grown Beliel are Size 4 or 5 reliably. This is height to the shoulder; so actual body length is in the mid-30s. Beliel retainers must always have the Large Talent, increasing the cost and difficulty of hiring them by +1.

Merit (Earth Sense)

The Beliel have a natural understanding of stone and metal, and can activate this Merit to use this knowledge to their advantage. By spending 2 Essence, the Belial can reduce the Soak of inanimate objects when attempting to damage them by (Might) for the Scene.

Granted Powers

Favored Powers

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