Azi Dahaka

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Skills: Athletics, Blades
Status: Private, Political
Resources: 25
Region: Anansie

The nation of Anansie is a cursed land of shifting sand and intense heat. To the south lay the Southern Wilds, a place of demonic influence and undead threats. The people of Anansie are protected by the Azi Dahaka, the Burning Dragons. These soldiers are trained by the Sultan, Tzepesh Draco, and his daughter Lilith Draco, who came from the north. The Azi Dahaka are skilled warriors, trained in the scimitar and the shield, and who work together to keep the creatures of the south at bay. Only the bravest and most stalwart of men train among the Azi Dahaka.

Relentless as the Desert Sun

Action: Free Cost: 1 Essence Duration: Permanent Type: Training

The Dragon does not fall when he should, continuing to fight long after he should be dead. The Dragon activates this Ability when they must make a Death Save, gaining (Might) bonus dice rather than the normal 3 bonus dice for spending an Essence on a roll. For every Success rolled, the Dragon recovers one Health and can continue to fight.

Scales of the Dragon

Action: None Cost: Variable DP Cost Duration: Permanent Type: Benefit

The Dragon is equipped by the Order, given the approval of the Caliph. This equipment is mundane, but the Dragon may have up to (Growth) Exceptional Qualities for each item, at a cost of +1 DP per Quality. The equipment gains the following benefits:


Bulk: 1 Defense: 3 + Half Might Hardness: 4 + Half Might Special: Light


Bulk: 1 Difficulty: 6 + Half Might Hardness: 9 + Half Might Special: Light

Short Spear

Bulk: 1 Difficulty: 4 + Half Might Hardness: 7 + Half Might Special: Light, (20 + Might), M, 20, I

Studded Leather

Bulk: 5 - Might Hardness: 5 + Half Might Soak: 3 + Might Special: Light

Talons of the Dragon

Action: None Cost: None Duration: Permanent Type: Training

The Dragon is trained as a defender of Anansie, and chooses (Growth) skills from the following list: Athletics, Blades, Dodge, Endurance, Integrity, Polearm, Ride, Shield, and Unarmed. Each chosen skill gains (Might) bonus dice to all rolls. If used for Active Defence, the Dragon's Defensive Trait may be increased by (Might) rather than the actual skill rank.