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Action Instant Action
Duration Constant (Activation), Scene (Duration)
Essence 0 or 4
Growth 1, 4, 7
Races Angel, Daeva, Ifrit
Specific Yes

The character produces an aura that surrounds them in a glow. The radiance extends out for up to twice the character's (Size + Might) in yards and can be extinguished or released as the character wishes for the Scene. By spending 4 Essence, the character increases the power of their aura, unleashing the energy appropriate to the character's type. This form of the aura does Damage (Might) each Round that the victim remains in range. This Damage ignores Armour Soak. At Growth 1, the character chooses one Spell Effect as the content of the attack. At Growth 4, the character may choose a second Spell Effect. At Growth 7, the character may choose a third Spell Effect. These Effects require Game Master approval.

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