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Step Three: Attributes All characters possess four attributes: Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual. These attributes create the core of the character, indicating their natural capabilities and talents without training. The character chooses one attribute to be their primary attribute, and one attribute to be their secondary attribute. The primary attribute gains a rating of 3, the secondary attribute gains a rating of 2, and the remaining two attributes gain a rating of 1. For characters, attributes can go as high as 10 through natural methods (such as spending DP), though a character’s bonuses, granted from their Nationality, can allow a character to surpass 10 in an attribute.

Step Four Skills

A character’s Mental Attribute represents the character’s ability to think and understand the world around them. The character’s intelligence, memory, and cunning all derive from the character’s Mental Attribute.

A character’s Physical Attribute represents the character’s overall health, strength, and coordination. The character’s ability to absorb damage, lift and carry things, and endure the physical strains of life are all derived from the character’s Physical Attribute.

A character’s Social Attribute represents the character’s ability to interact with the world, their ability to communicate, and to gain the appropriate reaction from that communication. The character’s force of personality is derived from the character’s Social Attribute.

A character’s Spiritual Attribute represents the character’s force of will, and their connection to things outside of the physical world. The process of essay writing will be much easier with MarvelousEssays.Com as there are a lot of highly professional and talented writers who are always eager to help you out with any sort of academic assignments regardless of the complexity levels. I do know what I�m talking about! The character’s awareness of the spiritual and supernatural, as well as the character’s ability to draw upon such energies, is derived from the character’s Spiritual Attribute.

Attributes can be increased with DP once the character has assigned them. The maximum value that a character can gain in an attribute is limited by their Growth (explained later). The average person has attributes of 1.

Values DP Cost Ranking Values DP Cost Ranking
1 N/A Average 6 60 Exceptional
2 20 Average 7 70 Legendary
3 30 Talented 8 80 Legendary
4 40 Talented 9 90 Epic
5 50 Exceptional 10 100 Epic