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The Clans of Aregon

Ruler: Varies
Religion: Arin (Arion as The Hunter)
The ‘nation’ of Aregon is actually many different tribes, made up of a number of clans, spread out across the islands. D’Remes is technically the largest island, but the entire chain is either called D’Remes or Aregon. Each tribe answers to a chieftain, who stands in command over the clan elders. Each tribe keeps a Grand Druid as an advisor, though various clans have their own druids aiding their clan elder. The have a number of apprentices, called bards, who are responsible for remembering and telling the stories of the heroic figures of the tribes and clans, and to aid the various tribes in spreading news or to oversee intra-tribal conflicts before they escalate to open warfare. Each tribe and clan have a totemic animal which symbolises their group in some way. In addition, the culture is very wary of the faerie races, which they call the kindly ones or the fair folk out of fear of drawing the attention of the faeries. The people of Aregon are called Aregonian.


In Aregon, the Joshuites hold some influence in the south and south-east, having attempted over many generations to influence the tribes there to their beliefs. Those who have joined the Joshuite faith were given food, clothing, superior weapons, and trade from Tarantis as well as gaining the blessings of the Joshuites themselves. These were put to good use by ambitious chiefs who would take these superior weapons to wage war upon their rivals in the north and west. Currently however, there is a balance of power, and such conflicts have begun to subside.

The belief held in the north is that Arion (Arawn, Lord of the Underworld) is the Father of a vast army of souls, and that any warrior who dies in battle will join him in that army. The warrior-women of Sanguine (Moira, the Shadow Queen) were said to walk through the battlefield, choosing the worthy from the fallen to serve Arawn. To not die in battle, or without honour, was to be denied entrance into the army, and was a great shame. Arawn and Moira had a daughter, Zillah (Belet-Silla, Scribe of the Earth) who recorded the names of all who passed into the Underworld. Those who were deemed unworthy were held and tormented. The goddess, Mana (Ceridwen, Mother of Magic) is seen as the wise woman who provides insight to the warrior-god Arawn, and is said to be the mother of Taleis, the first magician, who varies in stories as either a boy or a girl. Finally, the goddess Maya was recognized as the land itself, protected by the horned lord Tsunami (Cerne, the Hunter).


Aregon is similar to the ancient Gaelic tribes, especially their contact with the Tuatha de Danaan. The land of Aregon is cool, with either rain or snow common throughout the year. The land is hilly and rocky, with peat moss growing in a number of areas. The cliffs of Aregon are mostly to the south, giving a lovely view of the ocean. Vikings would come from Tor Machaen.


The people of Aregon have a fierce code of honour. To them, a person is not an adult until they know how to fight and take a beating. They believe in ‘sins of the blood’, thus the crimes of the parents are carried to the children, and this can last up to seven generations. This becomes important when dealing with others – those who have infernal blood are thought to be especially cursed and evil – and no amount of talk will convince an Aregonian otherwise. Divine blooded people are considered touched by the gods and heroes, while faerie-blooded individuals are thought to be ‘strange’, and mistrusted. The Aregonian people fear dragons, having stories handed down for generations of the Age of Dragons and the atrocities that were committed.

Common Names

Names are presented depends on the region the character comes from. Along the southern and east, under Joshuite influence, use the surname Mac<father’s name> or Mc<father’s name>. Mac- and Mc- translates as ‘son of’. In the north and west, the use of O’<father’s name> is often used instead. Thus, Bran, son of Finn, would be called either Bran MacFinn, or Bran O’Finn.

Male: Aden, Alistair, Blaine, Brandon, Caine, Conan, Daire, Donovan, Ennis, Ewan, Fionn, Flynn, Gallagher, Guthrie, Herne, Hogan, Keith, Kyle, Logan, Lynn, Malcolm, Murphy, Nevin, Niall, Oran, Oscar, Quade, Quinn, Reilly, Ryan, Shane, Sullivan, Teagan, Tremain, Zephan

Female: Aileen, Aisling, Breanna, Brynn, Caitlin, Ciara, Deirdre, Devin, Eileen, Erin, Fiona, Flynn, Gael, Guinivere, Hazel, Isleen, Isolde, Jeanine, Jeanne, Kaelyn, Kayla, Lassie, Lorna, Maeve, Moira, Naomh, Noreen, Ormanda, Ownah, Peigi, Phiala, Quillan, Quinn, Riona, Rosaleen, Shannon, Shea, Tara, Teagan, Una, Vevina, Zephan

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