Anissa Warren

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Anissa is a complex little bundle of conflicting traits and beliefs, and little wonder. Originally from Anasie, she was the daughter of a poor gamber and his wife who accidentally crossed paths with the Crimson Paw, who took 2-year-old Anissa as payment. Because she was of good breeding stock, she was thought she'd make a good wife. Raised in the manor of her 'husband' who was really a female who had an unusual amount of power and insatiable appetities, Anissa's whole life was spent preparing her for serving her 'husband', that is, until she hit puberty. She developed early, but also had the unfortunate tendancy to put on weight even with her vegetarian diet, though she did take momentary comfort from sneaking in sweet treats.
Even without the urgings of her 'husband', Anissa tried fruitlessly to lose her roundness that her husband found so displeasing. Eventually Anissa lost favour, and was made into more or less a slave. She took on the chores of the house with the other servants. Anissa became skilled at many household tasks, but sadly, she was also kept highly ignorant of the outside world. Thus, Anissa knows very little of the gods or magic or even basic politics, save for what she observed when guests visited her powerful 'husband', who was rumoured to have ties to the Crimson Paw, herself.
Though Anissa was brought up with other wives and had the ideas of polygamy planted in her at an early age, it just served to feed an appetite for affection that she was denied. Made to feel unattractive and unwanted, Anissa craves physical contact and affection when she can get it, and is fiercely loyal, but sadly, doesn't expect any loyalty in return. The other wives were Anissa's family. She grew quite close to them, and when it came time to escape Anasie, not all of them survived the journey. The eldest, named Quela, urged Anissa to escape on her own to the Shire. During the chaos, Quela managed to pocket some of her 'husband's' wealth and gave it to Anissa to start a new life. It wasn't difficult for Anissa to dissapear into the countryside, leaving behind her old life. She has since dedicated herself to making the most of her second chance, and help anyone else who has been the victim of violence in any way she can... rebuilding her family by finding new friends.
Anissa's greatest strength is also easily her weakness. Anissa is gentle and soft-hearted. She has yet to even raise her voice in anger... and as such, doesn't recognize threats. If someone asks for aid, she can't bring herself to refuse them. It's almost impossible to anger Anissa into attacking. She doesn't understand the concept of standing up for herself, because of her early conditioning. Unfortunately, that also means that Anissa is extremely easy to manipulate, especially with her heart being so soft, the strings so easily played. Anissa gives compassionate love unconditionally to anyone who wants it... however, because of the violence and terror of not only having to escape the creatures attacking Anasie, but also suddenly thrust into a world she doesn't understand, Anissa is extremely distrustful of magic and is by nature very timid. All Anissa knows of the outside world came from books. Books were Anissa's whole world in the manor. When she could not read, the other wives would read to her.. she understands the mechanics of the world's power structures on a textural level, but on a practical level, she's still learning. However... as far as she's concerned, the gods--all of them--are not to be trusted. This is also because she's still learning about different religions, and the only experience she's had with them was when they turned a blind eye to the plight of Anasie.
Anissa is loyal to a fault to the only family she knows now... her friends. Those she's opened up to and given her trust to are the most important in her life. Since her family was taken away from her, and she doesn't remember her biological parents, she has made a promise to herself to always do right by anyone who needs her help and wants her love... so months after arriving at the Shire, Anissa adopted a young vixen hybrid as her own daughter, and loves her fiercely, as any mother should love their only child. Caprice 'Cappy' Warren comes before everything else in her life. Anissa's biological parents are likely dead by now, and of her 'husband' and the other wives, she has no idea. If she has any siblings, she doesn't know about them. Given that Anissa was brought up to be a perfect little subordinate wife, Anissa is very careful about social mores and knows how to conduct herself in a respectful manner. This is her default posture when dealing with new people, but after it becomes clear that ettiquite is unneccessary with an individual, Anissa's playful and affectionate mannerisms come through. She loves teasing, and loves being teased, even if she does react like a child, sometimes... especially around males. Until Anissa came to the Shire, she had NO contact with males at all.
Because Anissa was so sheltered when she was young, she has yet to learn of any other orders besides the Lunitars that have been introduced to her by Tyber. She also is now familiar with some Drachen customs thanks to Ardwulf as well, and it's likely that further exposure will just serve to peak her interests. Anissa came to the Shire with unearned wealth and only a vague idea of what she wanted out of her new life... so that has lead her to be very generous with her money. As Anissa is keen to learn about new people and their cultures, Anissa decided to start a business in Freehold that would showcase the talents of the realm. Of her own talents, her marketable skills for personal income outside of her business venture are mostly related to crafting goods, though she has a particular love of painting portraits. Anissa has the right skills and attributes to be a keen magician someday... but at the moment, because of her fear of anything magical and her dislike of the gods... it will take some time before she even entertains the idea of using a magic item on a regular basis. She views magic like a wild animal; something to be viewed from a distance and left well enough alone. Anissa's home, called Freehold's Free Minds Warren, has become a staple in Hawk's Freehold, being the first finished estate in town, largely due to Anissa's own deep pockets. After helping to build it with her own two paws, she took on the name Warren into her own family existence. Free Minds Warren currently employs a staff of 16, all female, all refugees.