Animal Ken

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Income Skill
The Skill to be able to handle animals, understand animals, and train animals. The character can also use this Skill to replace the Medicine Skill when dealing with animals, and may replace the Survival Skill when attempting to identify and follow animal tracks.

Animal Training The character can attempt to train an animal, giving it a pool of DP that the character can use to improve the animal. A character may not do this to an animal who has been trained more times than the character’s Growth. It takes one week to train an animal. At the end of this time, the character makes a Results Roll using Social + Animal Ken. The animal gains an amount of DP equal to the Potency. In addition, the character can increase an animal’s Skills in the same fashion as if they had the Profession (Teacher) Skill.

Animal Veterinary The character can tend to an injured animal and attempt to improve their health. This takes one day. At the end of the day, the character makes a Results Roll using Mental + Animal Ken. The animal regains an amount of Health equal to the Potency. The character can also use this Skill to diagnose what is wrong with an animal, each Success granting greater detail on the condition of the animal either physically or mentally.

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