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Offspring of the spirits of nature are often called Wildings. Most Wildlings have a mortal mother, which explains why the child was not drawn off into Faerie to become a True Fae. Wildlings often have large eyes, and their hair and skin colours tend to match the element or plant that their faerie ancestry is bound to. Wildlings are often watched with suspicion, and most parents will not let a Wildling near their children, for fear the faeries will carry it away. Most Wildlings are either raised outside of town, or they are sheltered and their heritage is not spoken of.

Merit (Bonding)

The character spends an Instant Action and becomes connected to one natural aspect of the landscape; such as a lake, forest, desert, or prairie. For the Scene, the character is protected from the environment and anything within it. They can not be poisoned, injured, hindered, or harmed by the region they have bonded to. In addition, while within the region, the area will animate to protect the character from harm, increasing the Difficulty of all hostile actions against the character by the character’s Resolve + Growth. This power manifests as the character gaining physical traits of the region they have bonded to.

Favoured Powers

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