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[IC] In-Character

A character set [IC] means that they are active on the Grid and available for Role-Play. Under normal circumstances, the character can get involved in roleplay, and is a normal character. However, by being set [IC], the player has stated that there are comfort levels involved with the character, and any action which can be seen as hostile or damaging to the character requires the player's consent. Any form of hostile action, such as combat, the use of powers and magic, or aggressive roleplay (anything which would require a roll and could influence the target's actions) requires the player to concent before the action is taken.

[IIC] Invitational In-Character

A character set [IIC] means that the player is consenting to any form of Role-Play. Under normal circumstances, the character can get involved in roleplay, and is a normal character. By being set [IIC], the player states they are comfortable with most forms of roleplay, and will react as is appropriate to the circumstances which come about through the normal course of roleplay. Combat, magic, and other similar effects are acceptable, and if something crosses a 'line' with the player, they will inform you. Unless the player specifically says 'no', it is assumed that consent is given.


If a player does not consent to an action, it is best to discuss this in page, and come to a decent conclusion to what can and can't be done. In most cases, the natural conclusion is for the character not to be a target, but it may be impossible for that to be done, due to something such as an area-effect power, a threat attacking a group, or TP 'event'. In such cases, there is an onus on the player to come up with a way to remove their character from the scene. Having the character 'bow out' before the scene starts is the most acceptable method of dealing with this, but if the character does not wish to depart, then finding a method to not be targeted will suffice.

A player who does not consent to an event is not given 'script immunity'. If an evil mage sets fire to a building, and it is burning down, a non-consenting player can not say 'I am immune' and continue as if nothing is happening. A non-consenting player is not allowed to simply ignore the actions of another player in a scene. If they do not wish to get involved, the proper course of action is to leave the scene in a *logical* fashion, or to react appropriately In Character to the event and extricate themselves as quickly as possible.

[ICA=ICC] In Character Actions Mean In Character Consequences

A character who performs an action (or chooses not to perform an action) must accept the consequences of their actions. This applies to characters who are [IC] or [IIC] equally. Thus, a character who has attacked another character has given consent to any appropriate responses to the attack, and the player consents to any punishments. Alternatively, a character who chooses to not escape from a burning building consents to being trapped within and killed. In the most extreme cases, [ICA=ICC] trumps [IC]. If a player does not consent to an action by another, but does not put themselves in a position to avoid the circumstances to come, they are giving a tacit consent to the other player's actions. An example, if a character comes in, vowing to slaughter every other character in the room, and the [IC] player does not approve, but remains on the scene, they are subject to attack. Perhaps not *immediately*, but unless they take action to escape or avoid harm, they are agreeing to be a victim.


Report any abuse to Arion. This includes a character abusing the [IC] flag, Consent, or [ICA=ICC].

FurryFaire Acceptable Use Policy

The staff of FurryFaire respect your intellectual property rights, and requires that you extend the same respect to others. Please read this file completely, and enter the command @AUP to acknowledge that you have read the file and agree to abide by its terms. ‘Residents’ refers to all players and staff. Where the distinction between staff and players are important, this will be explicitly noted.

1.00 Access and Legal Responsibility

1.01 Access to FurryFaire and the computing resources required to operate FurryFaire, is granted on a revokable basis, and at no time is this access guaranteed.

1.02 Furryfaire services may be used only for lawful purposes. Transmission or solicitation for reception of material which violates Canadian and Australian Federal Law, any Policy of the site where the MUCK operates, or provincial or local laws of the area in which you reside is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, material that is threatening, libellous, or violated trade-secret, patent, or copy-right protections.

1.03 You agree to indemnify and hold harmless FurryFaire, its staff, the owners and operators of the computing resources, and all other parties connected with the administration of FurryFaire, from all claims which are a result of your usage, without limitation. You agree that any traffic which originates from your character or connections is your legal responsibility.

1.04 Notwithstanding the above, you agree that should FurryFaire or its staff be found liable in a court of law for any action or lack of action related to your use of FurryFaire, our liability is limited to $0.00

2.00 Privacy

2.01 As a resident of FurryFaire, you have a right to reasonable privacy.

2.02 Residents may not use programs, zombie objects, or other methods to monitor your conversations or activities inappropriately.

2.03 Residents may use zombies, broadcasting exits, programs, or similar constructs as detailed under ‘news programming’.

2.04 Staff may monitor intrusively, by setting the Dark flag on themselves or referring to logs, if they have reason to believe that a player or group of players is actively conspiring to destroy or damage FurryFaire’s database, or is engaged in illegal activities.

2.05 Staff may refer to logs or request logs of activities on FurryFaire, if they have reason to believe that a player or group of players is acting in a manner harmful to the MUCK environment or residents.

2.06 Electronic Communications Privacy Act Notice: The staff of FurryFaire reserves the right to monitor any and all communiations through or with FurryFaire facilities. You agree that FurryFaire facilities are not to be considered a secure communications medium for the purposes of the ECPA.

2.07 Residents may not use programs or methods to retrieve information stored in properties on your character or belongings inappropriately.

2.08 Residents may create and use programs that retrieve information in ways that meet the guidelines detailed in ‘news programming’.

2.09 Staff may use the ‘examine’ command and other methods of retrieving information remotely as needed.

2.10 Residents may not harass you.

2.11 If you indicate that you are not receptive to intimate or sexual contact with another resident, that resident is obligated to respect your wishes. If someone persists in making unwanted advances, repeat your demand that they stop, and page a Staff member immediately. Residents guilty of sexual harassment are liable to disciplinary action, up to and including removal from FurryFaire, and site-banning.

2.12 Repeated attempts to talk to, page, or otherwise interact with a resident who has clearly request to be left alone are in violation of Acceptable Use.

2.13 Racial, ethnic, and religious slurs directed at a player are a violation of Acceptable Use.

2.14 Information about your life outside of FurryFaire is privileged. Your name, gender, age, phone number, e-mail address, and place of residence are privileged information. Unless you explicitly indicate that this information may be dispersed, residents are obligated to treat the information as confidential.

2.15 Players must give indication of alternate characters to the Staff of FurryFaire upon request. Privacy considering alternate characters with other players is left to the discretion of each resident. You may alternate characters, and are not obligated to inform other players of the relationships between your characters.

2.16 If you do not wish others to know of the relationships between your characters, do not give out this information. If you do not mind other residents knowing about the relationship between your characters, it would be helpful to indicate this, through conversation, pinfo, or other means. It is not forbidden by Acceptable Use for a resident to share the relationship between another resident’s characters with others, but may be met with disciplinary action if abused.

3.00 Intellectual Property Rights

3.01 The staff of FurryFaire honours intellectual property rights as they pertain to the MUCK, and require that residents do so as well. The Staff claim no particular expertise in the complex and evolving field of international copyright law and the Internet. This does not, however, invalidate or limit the Acceptable Use Policy as it pertains to intellectual property rights: FurryFaire policies on intellectual property rights stand as detailed below.

3.02 Residents may not create programs, rooms, or other objects incorporating copyrighted material without verifiable permission from the copyright holder. The original copyright holder retains the intellectual property rights of the original material.

3.03 The Staff of FurryFaire become joint holders of intellectual property rights for public rooms or other creations which become an integral part of FurryFaire and are used by a substantial portion of the residents. The owners of such creations may improve and add to them as they see fit, but may not @recycle the objects or remove the properties or code that make it integral to the MUCK without permission from the Staff. This ownership of intellectual property rights applies only to the use of the intellectual property on the MUCK itself.

3.04 In the event that a player inappropriately destroys or changes public creations, the Staff reserves the right to restore such creations from back ups. Should such occasions arise, intellectual property rights for that creation as it pertains to the MUCK will from that point lie solely with the Staff of FurryFaire. That is, the creating player forfeits rights to determine if and how the creation is used on the MUCK.

3.05 Programs which include notices that permission to port is request or required may not be ported to or from FurryFaire without such permission. If you wish to port such a program and are unable to contact the author, notify a Staff member. The Staff will attempt to contact the author, and if unable to do so, will determine on a case-by-case basis whether the port meets Acceptable Use requirements.

3.06 The Staff will not modify or remove any of your programs without your permission, with the following exceptions: in the case of programs which pose a threat to the integrity of the database or violate privacy as detailed in ‘news programming’ and the Acceptable Use Policy, the staff will either request that you modify or remove the program, or will do so themselves.

4.00 Violations of Acceptable Use

4.01 Residents who violate the Acceptable Use Policy, or who commit acts not explicitly covered by this policy but deemed in violation of the policy’s spirit by the Staff, are liable to consequences including:

4.02 Suspension of Access: The player is suspended from the MUCK and its computing resources for a time determined by the administrators.

4.03 Immediate Termination: All characters belonging to the player are removed and termination of access to the MUCK and its computing resources is performed without prior notice.

4.04 System Notification: The activities of the player are forwarded to the site hosting the player’s internet access, and / or system administration are notified.

4.05 Legal Notification: The activities of the player are forwarded to the civil and / or law enforcement authorities.

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